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Business 101: Winning The War Against Time

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘time is money’ thousands of times during our business journeys. Nonetheless, the vast majority are still guilty of failing to ever truly gain control of their time. Given that only the most efficient companies can survive in the era of the coronavirus. Time wasting won’t be tolerated. Here are 10 […]

4 Ways To Quickly Become More At Ease With Yourself In Order To Work Better

We all want to feel as comfortable as possible with regard to the perception we have of ourselves. Sure, some of us like the idea of constantly having to improve as it gives us the oomph to work harder, but we all want to be satisfied with ourselves at the end of the day. Some […]

Proven Methods To Make Yourself Look Ten Times Smarter Overnight

You might be the most intelligent businessman on the planet. But unless people can see it, you won’t be able to take advantage of it in social situations. And that could do damage to your personal brand, networking relationships, or even your entire business.  If you’re super smart, remember that only a small percentage of […]

Why Street Food Could Be A Money Maker

If you are looking for a new business venture to plow your funds into, think about setting up a street food enterprise. If you love nothing more than cooking up a feast in the kitchen, you know your escargot from your escalope, and you have a penchant for rustic dining, a street food business could […]

The Best Ways To Keep Your Marketing On Track

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and that’s why it’s so important that you try to keep it on track as best you can. Of course, there are numerous ways that you can do this, and it’s going to be about finding the one that suits you best. So, that’s what we’re going […]

The Reality Of HIPAA Compliance For Non-Medical Business Owners

In terms of security, 2019 has been one of the most dreadful years in the healthcare industry. 41.2 million healthcare records were exposed, stolen, or impermissibly disclosed in 2019 alone. It has been recorded as the second-worst year for healthcare data breaches, with more records affected than in the previous three years combined. But the […]

How To Stay In Control Of Your Business

Your business may have begun its life as your baby, but there could be a time when you lose some say over how your company is run, the identity, and so on. This is rarely something that happens overnight, but it can happen over time. Indeed, sometimes people only realize that they’ve lost some control […]

Break-Fix Or Flat Fee IT Support: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Finding the right IT support to manage and maintain all of the technology in your business is so important. Your employees rely on technology to do their job, which means that they can’t do anything if a piece of software or a computer goes down, and that downtime costs you a lot of money.  When […]

Best Investment Strategies To Adopt During A Recession

Introduction Do you know how to use the pandemic to your advantage when it comes to making the right investments? Are you aware of some areas, which are showing strong performances in growth and ROIs even during the pandemic? Have you tried finding of industries and businesses, which are already bouncing back from the adverse […]

What Your Business Should Be Ready For, Post-Lockdown

Everyone is wondering what business will be like, now that the lockdown restrictions are lifting. It won’t be the same for quite some time, but the challenge is to make it seem normal for customers. The trick for businesses is, to lift customers into the illusion that it’s business as usual, and that you are […]