Troy V. Haar—I have been in Sales and Sales Management for over 15+ years. During these years I had the pleasure of working with Kristy at both Go Wireless and Yakety Yak Wireless and I have always been impressed with her desire to learn, her commitment to the team and the company, and her ability to take a new initiative and make it successful. She thinks outside of the box for new solutions, takes her responsibilities seriously, and motivates others around her to succeed. Her constant drive and loyalty would make her an asset for any company.

Ryan Richards, Manager, Client Strategy—Of all the project coordinators and program managers I have had the pleasure of working with, Kristy is among the most valuable and has provided some of the strongest results. While partnering to cultivate a relatively new program, she was able to drive our growth over 75% in 2013. Her results came from her ability to successfully train various stakeholders, overcome a broad range of challenges, leverage resources, and remain very engaged with all parties. I commend her strong work ethic & principles and I value all that I learned from her during our time working together. Kristy is a value to any organization that has the pleasure of working with her.

Erik Anderson, Director of Business Development–I worked with Kristy for several years. Her dedication and passion to deliver the best products and services to teammates and our customer base never ceased to amaze me. She’s always got a smile, even when assuming multiple responsibilities. Her attitude is always positive regardless of the challenge.

Chuck Alimonda, Director of Inventory & Logistics—I had the pleasure of working with Kristy for several years. She is always smiling and extremely personable. Kristy is willing and able to take on any role, including leadership roles, in any situation. She is always willing to accept and volunteer for new challenges, no matter if they are her primary responsibilities or not. Her positive attitude and ability to think outside the box to gain knowledge and create solutions has given her the ability to move seamlessly throughout the organization. She would be an incredible asset to any organization.

Fred Larson, President–Kristy is a motivated, articulate self-starter who is always looking for additional opportunities to improve both herself and the organization. Whenever a project, action item or task comes up Kristy is the first to volunteer and then she consistently demonstrates a passion for excellence as she leads the project to completion. As a result of her willingness to try new things she regularly improves her skill sets both through continuing education or through expanded work experiences.

Nicole Peaslee, Sr. Product Support Specialist—I worked with Kristy for over 2 years at Yakety Yak Wireless. Kristy is the most diligent and reliable person I know both professionally and personally. Kristy’s determination and strong work ethic resonates in all projects. Kristy always gets the job done no matter how challenging the task or aggressive the time constraint. Kristy excels in time management and balancing demanding deadlines, while always producing the highest quality of work. I am impressed by Kristy’s commitment to complete her MBA while working full-time and admire her strong leadership skills in successfully managing diverse projects. It was a pleasure working with Kristy and I’m confident she has a successful career ahead.

Michael Peterson, Business Owner–I have worked with Kristy for some time now, and consider her to be a true sales and service professional. She has impressed me with her authentic desire to see her customers succeed. Her personal insight into the realities of franchising, retail, and wireless allow her to regularly present multiple solutions to overcome sales impediments. She works diligently on a problem until it is solved to the satisfaction of all parties, and has true empathy to see challenges from all perspectives.

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