Professional Assessments

I’ve taken many professional assessments over the years, but haven’t documented them until recently. Here are a couple I’ve had the pleasure of taking. I think this will help you get to know me and my strengths a little better.

Teacher | Connector | Trainer | Stability | Traditional | Needs Data| Goal Oriented | Likes the Specifics | Organized | Structured | Needs to be Challenged | Calm, Cool, Collected | Analytical | Teacher | Logical

StandOut Assessment – Who Am I?

Marcus Buckingham was offering free StandOut Assessments and our team took advantage! “The StandOut assessment measures how well you match 9 roles and reveals your primary Role and secondary Role.” ~StandOut Your Results. Essentially, this is who I truly am in my core. These are things that no one will be able to change about me.

I decided to share this because I believe that if anyone truly wants to get to know who I am before meeting me, this is it. If you are interested in the full report, I’m happy to share, just email me at

“You have an encyclopedic knowledge of what we need in our work. You are an instinctive gatherer of information, a collector of interesting factoids, articles, and insights. You do this not necessarily for your own benefit, but rather so you can package them up and parcel them back out to people who might need them, or find them useful. Over your career you will come to be known for this — whenever we are at a loss, we will turn to you, sure that you will have something valuable to share with us. You make a wonderful boss and mentor, because you not only teach us the basics of the job but also encourage us to take the next step — and reach out to those who can help us do it. Always generous with your knowledge, you are the quintessential career coach.”

4 Lenses – What are my strengths?

The 4 Lenses activity is a great way to understand a persons natural personality and where they can be the most beneficial in a team or organization. I recommend this simple exercise that takes only a few minutes. My results are: Primary is Gold and Secondary is Green.

Gold is quite accurate as my primary color. The descriptions I focus from these groups for myself are: training, stability, tradition, information, goals, specifics, organization, and structure.

Green is also quite accurate as my Secondary. The descriptions I focus from these groups for myself are: correct data, calm, cool, collected, analytical, teaching, data, needs challenges, logical explanations…and I guess I would add taking tests to that lists since…well, here we are.