Examples Of My Work

I have a variety of skills, including content / document creation, which I love to do! I am passionate about teaching and training and I believe that a well-put together document can make a huge difference in how a person learns and retains the information. Here are a few examples of my work. Names and specifics are generally redacted or changed.

Guidebook for Team

STEM Event Guidebook – this is a culmination of various presentations and think tank sessions (company information redacted) that I put together for my team as a how-to. This particular layout worked very well visually to give the maximum amount of information per page.

Quarantine Recipe Book

With the help of my team, I put together a COVID-19 Quarantine Recipe Book! I’ve redacted the last names of my team, but kept everything else. I cannot take credit for the cover page or the intro as I identified and used the strengths of one of my team members to create these. However, the layout, visuals, and structure of the document are my brain’s creation.

Team Bios

I created a Team Bio deck for our team. Because this is for my program, and because I don’t have permission from my team to share their personal information, I have removed everyone except myself. But, you can still see the format and where my brain was at when creating this presentation. This tool will serve a few functions, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Helping new team members get to know the team with a few fun facts, such as how long we’ve been with the company and the program, and what our 4 Lenses & StandOut Roles are.
  • Giving our management and exec teams a good understanding of who our team is prior to a meeting.
  • The Appendix serves as an explanation for the 4 Lenses & StandOut Roles for anyone not familiar.

Operations Manuals / Playbooks

I have written many operations manuals and team playbooks in my career. Due to the sensitive nature of the contents of these docs (you know… company / program sensitive information), I can’t (and won’t) post sensitive info here.

In lieu of a fully built-out Playbook, I am offering a very condensed version (below) with changes to protect any sensitive information. Please keep in mind that this Sample Playbook is only a 14 page example of a 87 page fully functional team Playbook (as of June 2021 when I transitioned it to our team’s SharePoint landing page as a fully functional, interactive, and all-inclusive work of art).

A few highlights of all my manuals I create:

  • Each of these documents are extremely thorough – they are well researched, collaboration with SME’s on the topics is a must, additional resources are identified and linked where appropriate, the flow and design depend largely on the information, and plenty of visual aids are used to aid with understanding and retention.
  • Each section of these documents are built out to anticipate questions, give clear and concise information, and thoroughly explore about the topics presented. An example (not in the attached playbook for sensitivity purposes) is how work time should be allocated between different activities. This is a trackable metric and providing clear expectations in advance, and showing the employee how to track this reduces questions and confusion and increases success rates among new hires.
  • I totally understand that “manuals” are not the most exciting documents to read, so I do what I can to make them a little more interesting. For example, in my latest online playbook there are several activities for a new employee to do through their on-boarding. Some of these are as simple as setting up their voicemail or email signature, and some are to complete external training modules and submit something to their manager.

Additional examples are always being revised to be include here. Feel free to reach out to me at kristymarielopez@gmail.com with any questions.