Dressing For The Office

In general, three levels of attire are suitable for a professional workplace, depending on the company and specific policies. Determining what level of professionalism for your office may be dependent on if your business is a customer-facing company or not. In some instances where a business is not customer-facing you may still want to implement […]


Who Are Your Customers?

Learning how to position a marketing ploy can be difficult at times because of the research involved to determine your target audience. Once you know your target audience and what drives them, then the rest is fairly easy. But, how do you get there? By doing some market analysis. Determine Customer Groups First, you should […]


Employee / Customer Confidentiality

Confidentiality in companies is key to aiding in building trust and rapport with employees, and for helping to keep a company out of court with lengthy and expensive lawsuits. What should a company keep confidential? Everything! Employers should keep wages, complaints, medical information, drug test results, phone number and addresses, and any personnel challenges and […]


Unique Activities For Your Grand Opening

While social media and online networking is taking over many marketing plans, a retail business should still hold a physical grand opening where they can invite customers into their store and solicit sales. Every company is, and should be, unique in what they do for their grand opening of their business. The activities and opportunities […]


Facebooking And Marketing…Use It Wisely

Facebook began as a social networking site for college students and has rapidly grown to a social network for everyone from children to grandparents and can be used in many different ways, including marketing your business. Making sure the right people are seeing your page and your advertisements are key, though. As an avid Facebook […]