Social Media…Build A Strategy

Promoting your company, or even personal, brand via social networks can be a delicate situation. Some people like to link all of their sites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) together, while others choose to keep their social profiles completely separate. Developing a strategy…yes, a strategy…for social marketing and brand awareness (both personal and professional) will […]


Interesting Marketing Facts…

Did you know… That more and more companies are shifting their marketing budgets toward inbound marketing (i.e. social media, virtual events / webinars, search engine optimization)? That the amount of money companies spend on social media and blogs has nearly doubled in 2 years? That inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound […]


Telecommuting – Benefits And Drawbacks

Telecommuting, according to Margaret Tan-Solano and Professor Brian H Kleiner, “was first coined in the ‘70’s in a national transportation study to describe the potential for using telecommunications to give people access to information resources without requiring them to physically commute to a central work location.” Telecommuting became popular in the 1990’s because many companies […]


Attracting The Right Leads

Some companies still believe that getting a higher number of leads will lead to greater closing success, which really is not the case at all. Many franchising companies still only advertise online through franchise websites, or they may even attend a tradeshow a time or two. Sure, you will get thousands of leads (and I […]


Dressing For The Office

In general, three levels of attire are suitable for a professional workplace, depending on the company and specific policies. Determining what level of professionalism for your office may be dependent on if your business is a customer-facing company or not. In some instances where a business is not customer-facing you may still want to implement […]