Provide Employees With Specific Things To Do

Unless you specifically tell your employees what to do when they open the business for the day, close the business for the day, or when they have downtime, they will find their own things to do. Providing specific checklists for your employees for each of these times will help them understand what you expect of […]


Office Emergencies

Do you remember when you were in school and used to have fire, earthquake, and / or tornado drills? The loud bell would ring and teachers would usher their little students out to the blacktop where everyone would line up, be counted, and ensure that all children and staff were accounted for. Well, we did […]


Effective Internet Presence

Effective Internet Presence is another great (and free) e-book that I recommend about social media, and (quite honestly) is what sparked my interest in blogs. This book gives quite a bit of information on how to create and maintain social media networking outlets, including blogs, personal branding, and how to exist online. I recommend this […]


White Paper: A Primer In Social Media

 The White Paper A Primer in Social Media is a short and sweet introduction to social media that briefly outlines the different types of social media that can be used as an individual or as a company. It also offers a few brief suggestions on how to use social media. I would recommend this (free) […]


Telecommuting And Training

Telecommuting or is growing fairly rapidly, especially as technology evolves and allows us to do more away from our offices than ever before.  A company offering telecommuting options to an employee must have some technical and procedural resources and processes in place, along with very specific rules and consequences for the employee. Most companies have […]