Flexible Schedules For Moms

Having flexibility in your job, especially as a working mother, can help increase the sense of job security, lowers work-related stress, and increases productivity. This is according to an article titled Flexible Schedule Helps Keep New Moms in the Workplace. While this specific article focuses on new mothers, I believe this is true of any […]


Employer Services

Providing services to employees, especially in these economic times, is crucial in helping your employees find an appropriate work / life balance. Being competitive in any industry includes offering services to employees that other companies may not offer, including flex-time, telecommuting options, child-care options, and workout equipment / time for physical exercise. With lives how […]


Open Door Policy

Have you ever worked at a company where you really felt that your company has your back? What I mean by this is, do you feel as if your job would be secure if something were to happen and you had to take a couple of weeks off for a family emergency? Every employee should […]


Provide Employees With Specific Things To Do

Unless you specifically tell your employees what to do when they open the business for the day, close the business for the day, or when they have downtime, they will find their own things to do. Providing specific checklists for your employees for each of these times will help them understand what you expect of […]


Office Emergencies

Do you remember when you were in school and used to have fire, earthquake, and / or tornado drills? The loud bell would ring and teachers would usher their little students out to the blacktop where everyone would line up, be counted, and ensure that all children and staff were accounted for. Well, we did […]