Gap In Communication…Or A New Way To Communicate?

As a FB user, texter, IM’er, and blogger I know that I log more hours in on the computer (outside of work) than my children do. However, my 13 year old daughter now has a cell phone and I am sure she will catch up to me rather quickly (even with the strict limitations we […]


5 Tips For Preparing For An Emergency

How do you truly prepare for an emergency in these economic times? With all of the natural disasters happening all over the world I believe that it is imperative to have an emergency plan and kit ready…just in case. I was always taught to prepare a 72 hour emergency kit (at the very least) for […]


Sewing Don’t’s

My wonderful sixth grade daughter decided that she wanted to sew a dress for her sixth grade promotion. Bless her heart, she chose one of the most difficult sewing patterns that I have ever seen. Mind you, I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. I have sewn blankets, pillow cases, simple […]


10 Tips For Completing School Projects

Why do teachers send home big projects for kids to do, like missions and solar systems? These really aren’t projects for the kids…it’s just more homework for parents! Well, my son had to do a mission, and after lots of glue, paint, small plants, dirt, and scraps of construction paper all over the place, I […]


The Simple Things In Life

As I have grown, married, and had children I have realized that there are more important things in life than nails, fancy clothes, and high heels. Having children at a young age didn’t really give me much time in my life to really ‘enjoy’ some of the things that single, childless women my age get […]