The Simple Things In Life

As I have grown, married, and had children I have realized that there are more important things in life than nails, fancy clothes, and high heels. Having children at a young age didn’t really give me much time in my life to really ‘enjoy’ some of the things that single, childless women my age get […]


Functional Or Beautiful?

Most every woman wants to have a beautifully decorated house that is free from clutter, dust, and little footprints all over the floor. While I am no exception, I do prefer functional over beautiful. If I can’t do what I need to in my house, then what’s the point? A few muddy footprints never hurt […]


Hosting A Fabulous Any-Age Friendly Barbeque

Today was yet another great barbeque put on by the Lopez family. Quite a bit of planning goes into even the simplest barbeques. Here is what I do to host a fabulous party that usually goes off without a hitch:   Pre-Planning The pre-planning process is imperative to help the event day roll forward with […]


Do Not Disturb!

After getting home from a long day at work most women tend to jump right into the kids, homework, cooking, cleaning…..etc. What about mom? When I have had a rough day and need to unwind for a few minutes before I start dealing with the “house” I let the kids know that I will be […]


Candles…An Essential Ingredient To Life

Scented candles are an essential for me to survive these days. Even if I’m just making the bed, cleaning up the living room, or working on the computer, I like having scented candles lit in whatever room I am in. Without even realizing it at the moment, they help me to relax just a little […]