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How To Prevent And Remove Mold From Your Home

Posted by kristymlopez on July 22, 2019

Mold and mildew are types of fungi. Mold is usually black or green whereas mildew is gray or white. Mold is commonly growing on food while mildew usually grows on damp surfaces such as bathroom and basement walls, or fabrics. These fungi are important to our environment as they help in breaking down and digesting organic material, such as dead leaves which helps enrich the soil. But on the downside, mold and mildew can be a threat to human health. Infants, expecting women, and aged individuals have more chance of being sick when exposed to mold and mildew. These fungi can cause respiratory problems, sinus congestion, irritation, and headache. 

Since fungi can quickly grow anywhere there is moisture, make it a habit to check areas in your home where humidity could be high such as a damp basement. Mold and mildew also breed on wood products, cardboard, wallpaper, fabrics, food, and many more. It can spread quickly and spores can travel via air. These fungi can damage your house since it destroys whatever they are growing on and can damage you and your family’s health as well. Bear in mind that fungi will not vanish on its own. Therefore, you must learn how to prevent or remove them in case you already have them in your home. Here are some cleaning tips to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your house. You can also use regular home cleaning services, like the Chicago house cleaning service, to keep your house clean and mold-free. 

  1. Tools That Are Used In Cleaning Mold And Mildew

You must invest in your cleaning tools such as rubber gloves, buckets, brushes, mop, detergent soap or a mold cleaner, disinfectant bleach, furniture polish, and sponges.

  1. Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Dry

Moisture and humidity are usually in the bathroom. Make sure to make it a well-ventilated room. Use your mop to dry your bathroom floors. Placing an exhaust fan allows the circulation of air and can help remove moisture easily. You must hang your wet towels to permit quick drying.

  1. Keeping Mold Away From Fabric

You can use chlorine bleach and hot water when doing laundry. For delicate fabrics, you can soak them using oxygen bleach and hot water for one-half hour before washing. Hang them outside and have it dry directly under the sun if possible. Use a vacuum in cleaning upholstery that is impossible to take outside the house.

  1. Removing Mildew From Carpet

Just like in cleaning upholstery, you can start cleaning your carpet with the use of a vacuum. Be sure to throw the vacuum bag where the mildew was absorbed. You can mix liquid soap with water then apply the suds to the stained area by using a damp cloth until the stain is gone.

  1. Removing Mildew From Furniture

Using a soft brush, try to remove any loose spores from the furniture. Make sure you are wearing a mask to avoid inhalation of the spores. Throw the bag with spores immediately. Wipe the area with stain using a damp cloth. Let it dry before polishing.

You can prevent the spread of mold and mildew by cleaning your house regularly. Keep the areas in your house dry by opening the windows and using fans for proper ventilation. If you need help regarding mold inspection and removal for your home, mold remediation tampa is the one you can call.

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How To Decide Your Kitchen Design

Posted by kristymlopez on July 2, 2019

Do you know that a kitchen is a catalyst for every home to come together to bond and define happiness? It is worth that you take the first hand in designing and getting the details of your kitchen. The kitchen construction is not a mere event because you need a place to prepare your food. Value the design of your kitchen as the way you value your family.

The article will tell you crucial points to ponder to decide the design of your kitchen ideally.

  • Be hands-on in choosing the kitchen cabinet manufacturer

First, you need to define the function of every space before you start making the interior design and furniture choices. The functionality of every area will help you know where you will be setting the kitchen cabinets.

Every manufacturer has standard sizes to offer. You consider the dimensions that the manufacturer can provide. So, you choose the right manufacturer according to what they can do. However, be keen enough to determine if they could perfectly customize the design you have in mind.

A proper cabinet manufacturer will give their thoughts on your ideas and plans according to standards and appropriateness. Be careful to those manufacturers that follow what you want and doesn’t even provide any comments or thoughts or suggestions on what you want to see.

  • Make the kitchen floor plan

First, choose what measurement are you going to use. Is it in metric or English measurement? Do not forget to get the actual dimensions of the space you will be working around.

Now when you start drawing using the scale, do not forget how you define the purpose and function of every space in the kitchen. Remember that you are not sketching the whole house, only your kitchen.

  • Outline your kitchen

There are different shapes a kitchen may look like:

  • U- Shape
  • G- Shape
  • L- Shape
  • Galley kitchen
  • With island

Consider other essential parts of the kitchen shape. These are the cupboards and drawers and making sure they do not smash with each other.  More importantly, consider the electrical systems. Current flow control and management features from Canadian Shunts must be an essential safety consideration and make your kitchen cost efficient.

  • Setting up your appliances and fixtures

In setting up your kitchen appliances, you must understand the use of the “kitchen triangle.” A kitchen triangle is a tool that will help you decide the appropriate location of the range, refrigerator, and sink. The tool will help you become efficient in your kitchen activities from cooking, preparation, and cleaning.

However, if the kitchen activities take complex processes, then a “kitchen polygon” will be a useful tool. It will help you plan the location of your appliances, work zones, and storage areas.

Remember that safety is still on top of all usage, placements, and locations of all the appliances in the kitchen. Never ignore the safety system of Canadian Shunts to make your kitchen efficient in energy consumption

  • The details of your storage

There are different styles of storage. But there are standards of storage placements according to your purpose and capacity:

  • Counter Top Storage – if you do not have so many things to place and your kitchen will not look messy, you can use the countertop as your storage area
  • Ceiling hung storage- your countertop will avoid the dirty things around. It is also best when you store fruits or vegetables
  • Floor standing storage- You may put storage like shelves especially if you have a lot of inventory to keep
  • Open shelves storage- Easy to see what stock you got.
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Everything That Can Happen When You Get A Hair Transplant

Posted by kristymlopez on May 28, 2019

For those trying to revive their locks reminiscent of their youth, hair transplantation can reverse and remedy the balding or hair loss that normally comes with age or with genes. Although thinning hair or baldness is normal, the condition can affect the self-esteem of many, especially those who have seen symptoms of the condition manifest at a younger age or even in women as a result of pregnancy.

And due to this, hair transplant surgery has been considered by those as a procedure to fix the problem of hair loss. While surgery can seem like a daunting thought, if the procedure is done by a reputable clinic and doctor, then there’s no need to worry about complications.

Hair Transplantation

Basically, in a hair transplant surgery, hair follicles in a hair-rich area of the scalp are moved to the problem area where the hair has fallen out or is thinning. While transplant surgeries have been a common operation since the 1950s, technological advancements have changed and improved the procedure.

A local anesthetic is used to numb the operation site. Then, the doctor will determine which procedure to go through with depending on what suits the client’s condition:

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

In this procedure, a 6-10 inch strip of scalp is removed from the rear portion of the head. This is then divided in small grafts ranging from 500 to 2,000 with the graft type dependent on numerous hair factors.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this type of procedure, hair follicles are removed one by one which will heal and be covered by the existing hair. Small incisions are made at the site of operation on the scalp where each follicle is placed.

What to Expect When Recovering

Expect some feelings of tenderness and swollenness on your scalp after the operation which can be treated by pain medications, antibiotics, and/or anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor may require a day or two of bandages on the head but should be good after a couple of days to a week.

A couple of weeks after the hair transplant, you will notice some hair falling out. This is normal and new hair should be able to grow in a few months. Then, after six to nine months, about 60% of the new hair will noticeably grow back.


Surgery will depend on the cost of your on how much hair you want transplanted. Typical prices of hair transplantation range from $4,000 to $15,000. Other costs include the risks that can come with the surgery if not done by a reputable company like Sure Hair International

Which can result to complications like bleeding and infections, as well as unnatural hair growth.

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Bringing Disney To Life

Posted by kristymlopez on May 8, 2019

I grew up with Disney, as did my parents, my children, and now my grandchildren. Who remembers the VHS tapes that Disney movies used to come on? Now, there’s a whole Disney streaming service where any generation can watch these timeless movies over and over and over again. The fun songs and bright colors bring all of the characters to life and pull in the attention from every child.

When you visit any of the Disney theme parks, you’ll see lots of our favorite characters from Alice to Tinkerbell to Elsa to the evil Cruella de Vil. A little known fact about the Toy Story characters – “If you yell “Andy’s coming!” in front of the Toy Story characters at Disney, they will stop what they’re doing and drop.”

Every girl fantasizes about being a princess, having that fantasy wedding to the handsome prince, and being decked out in a gorgeous flowing dress, beautiful jewelry, and long hair where not a piece is out of place. No matter the variance in the fantasy, all eyes are on her and everything is absolutely perfect.

DiamondTreats has actually brought our favorite Disney jewelry to life from Moana’s necklace to the Queen of Heart’s earrings to Belle’s crown. Each piece of jewelry for these Disney characters has exceptional attention to detail and were produced by their own designers, complete with CAD drawings.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your dream wedding or next ball, check out these pieces that will surely help your princess dreams come to life. If you’re looking for ideas to plan your wedding, choosing your perfect venue, or finding unique wedding gifts, among other ideas, check out Things Stunning on Facebook to find excellent articles and ideas!

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5 Ways To Ease Symptoms Of Depression

Posted by kristymlopez on May 7, 2019

Depression is a debilitating mental illness that drains your energy, depletes your hope and makes routine tasks, like getting out of bed, become a mountain in itself. Overcoming depression is hardly easy or quick, but it is absolutely possible, no matter how severe the depression may be.

There are things within your control to ease the symptoms of depression; the key is to start small and celebrate milestones along the way. When you make positive choices for yourself everyday, no matter how hard or exhausting it may be, you will soon find that the burden you are carrying is a little lighter and your heart full of a little more hope.

Here are 5 things you can do to cope with depression today:

  1. Reach out to a trusted friend. A person who cares about and understands you is lifeline of hope and absolutely essential if you are to overcome depression. Even though it can be difficult to seek support because of exhaustion, guilt or shame, staying connected will make world of difference to your recovery. Even if you don’t feel like it, try to regularly see a trusted friend who you can talk to with complete ease and confidentiality, and who can check up on you when you withdraw or isolate.
  2. Give yourself things to look forward to. A study has shown that people get an emotional boost when they have something to look forward to in their calendar. Planning a trip, buying concert tickets or arranging a fun get-together with friends are all ways you can plant seeds of hope in your life. On days when you feel especially down, you have assurance that something good and exciting is awaiting you in the near future.
  3. Move and nourish your body. Studies have repeatedly shown that exercise is a powerful antidote against depression and feelings of anxiety, and can be just as effective as medication to ease symptoms. While getting out of bed can be a daunting task in itself, moving your body just 20 minutes per day—whether through yoga, walking or swimming—reaps plenty of benefits for your mind, body and soul. It is also vital to couple exercise with a healthy diet; that includes refraining from alcohol, junk food and caffeine, which tend to aggravate feelings of depression and anxiety.
  4. Re-work your thought patterns. Depression has a way of shedding a negative shadow over everything, including your outlook on yourself and your future. However, it’s important to remember that these distortions aren’t necessarily realistic or true. You can start by identifying and questioning the negative thought patterns that are contributing to your depression and replacing them with positive, balanced affirmations instead. An example of this could be turning a thought like, “I can’t do anything right and am a complete failure,” to “I am learning and growing everyday.”
  5. Do things that you make you come alive. An important part of self-care when you are depressed is doing things that you enjoy and promote relaxation, like reading, watching a funny movie or taking a long bath. This also means setting boundaries on things that tend to drain you and making more time for life-giving activities instead. Hobbies like playing music, creating art or taking a hike up the mountains will gradually bring more energy and joy into your life again. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take classes to potentially discover new hobbies.

Sometimes, you can do all these things and still feel your depression worsening. If this happens, it’s essential to seek professional help like the confidential and affordable therapy services BetterHelp.com offer. Their licensed counselors are trained to support you in your feelings of depression and guide you to recovery.

Even if you do seek professional support, keep doing these self-care practices as part of your treatment plan. Feeling better takes time, but with persistence and hope, the heavy fog of depression will one day lift and reveal a healthier, happier you.

Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health- related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.

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