Kristy Lopez is a seasoned leader and business owner with more than 20 years expertise in managing and growing businesses, many from inception. Her vast range of expertise includes multiple functions of business including training development and execution, operations, human resources, marketing, finance, and sales.

Kristy has always worked with the sole intention of producing more with less, executing on ideas that seem impossible to others, and surrounding herself with the right people to confirm success in all she does. Her initiative, ambition, and dedication sets her apart from the rest, ensuring achievements others hardly see in their lifetime.

In 2014, she joined the retail marketing industry and staked her claim in multiple programs with high-profile clients, such as iRobot, Qualcomm, ADT, and LG USA. Quickly rising through the ranks, she proved her business acumen and prowess, increasing profitability for the company, growing client business internationally, and continuously improving processes that lend to efficiency and effectiveness for all team members. Throughout these various programs she has led teams of 100+ employees in over 80 major markets across the U.S. and Canada, expanded programs into new markets, and led continuous improvement projects geared towards the ever-changing retail industry. She has proven herself in a predominantly male-led industry with her strong integrity and character.

In 2015, Kristy began teaching Small Business Entrepreneurship at her local college, molding the minds of her students. Through her mentorship, coaching, and leadership of her students, she has helped dozens of businesses be realized, yielding amazing local business opportunities with significant advantages to grow nationally, and even internationally. All courses, both online and in-person, are designed solely by Kristy with the end-goal of realizing an opportunity for each student.

Her earlier career included such roles as director of operations, project coordinator for VPs, store manager, and president of two family-owned startups. Throughout all of these roles she governed the development of operations and business tactics, spearheading business management, cultural change, development of new processes and ideas, and developing employees.  Her roles included development and management of major internal systems, facilitating employee and entrepreneur-based training programs, and cultivating turn-key solutions for franchise and corporate opportunities. She has consistently been recognized for her leadership in serving others, business acumen, and for her creative problem-solving abilities.

Kristy studied management, marketing, I/O psychology, and HR management through the University of Phoenix, earning her three master’s degrees within only five years. Her continuous learning and improvement attitude toward business and life has served her well in enhancing her professional career. She is still actively involved with the University of Phoenix as an Alumni Mentor, helping others with work/school-life balance and with helping others realize their potential and gain scholarships to advance their studies.

Currently based in Yakima, WA, Kristy seeks to use her education and extensive business experiences to develop and cultivate any company she works with through high-impact strategies that create unique solutions and positive growth for all involved.

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