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Un-Business Stuff – If I could earn a degree for being a working parent, I would probably be pretty close to graduating by now. With five beautiful children (whom I learn a LOT from on a daily basis), a full-time job, and a part-time teaching job, I have had to learn accounting, time management, organization, and excellent communication skills. I am a chef, a nurse, a taxi service, the cleaning service, the laundry service, a team player, an ATM machine, and a product safety tester. I work variable hours, which include weekends, periodic 24 hour shifts, and especially holidays. As I am sure most working parents do, I absolutely LOVE my career as a parent! Here you will find tips, articles, and other miscellaneous materials on how to (hopefully) make your life just a little easier and have fun in the process.

What You Need To Know About Business – Aside from my degrees in HR Management, Psychology, Marketing, and Business, I have over two decades of experience with business, franchising, and small business. I also teach Small Business Entrepreneurship at my local junior college. I am extremely passionate about helping small business owners become successful in their chosen industry. This section includes all types of information, methods, and tips and tricks about sales, marketing and advertising, employee tips and tricks (including employee retention), how to run a small business, retail information, how to save money with your business…plus tons more!


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