How To Brand Your Business

The word ‘brand’ means to put an identifying mark on something. This means that, when you brand your business, you make it as identifiable as possible. When it comes to marketing, this is hugely important and makes your company all the more recognizable.

Every business has a brand, but its up to you to control your brand and make sure that it reflects your company well, along with appealing to your customers. Here are some tips to help you to brand your business and take it to the next level

Brand Design

The first thing to consider is the design of your brand. This is the first thing that people will see when they see any products or promotional materials, and it will immediately identify your company. Your brand design should stand out, without being garish or uncomfortable to look at.

It should also reflect your company well. You should consider the color scheme and make sure that it doesn’t clash or seem poorly designed. Some colors have certain meanings or have different effects on people. For example, red is associated with passion, aggression, and action, while blue is seen as calming and professional.

As well as colors, you should come up with a logo that you’re happy with and that will identify your company. This logo can be used on glossy stickers and put where people can see it. 

Your Business Personality

As well as a visual design, your brand should also have a personality. This personality should be appealing and reflect your business values, as well as your own values as an entrepreneur. You should always consider your target audience when coming up with a brand personality.

Some brands have very strong personalities, such as Wendy’s or Denny’s, which are well known for their witty social media presence. However, sometimes it’s beneficial to have a personality that is more professional, especially if your company works with other businesses and professional people. 

A popular brand strategy is to present a business as “family-friendly”, or family-owned”. This is especially beneficial as it appeals to most people who have family values, so anyone with children or grandchildren will appreciate such a brand and the values it represents. 

Social Media and Online Selling

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to use your business personality and reach as many people as possible. While most business is now conducted online, people prefer to feel as though they are buying from a human being. Social media allows you to have this human touch.

When managing a social media account, let your personality shine through without overwhelming the message of your posts or promotional material. Post pictures of work events and make sure that you include people in these posts so that customers know who you are.

If you sell online using eCommerce, then make sure to include a blog that can show off the human side of your business, while also providing something useful and entertaining to your audience.

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