Naked Nutrition Chocolate Casein Protein Powder Review

I have been an avid gym-goer for many years, and I am constantly in search of products that help me meet my health needs and goals. I’ve tried tons of products from pre-workouts to energy supplements to protein supplements, and I have officially found my newest protein product that I believe will help me in my health and fitness goals.

First, a little about me.

I am not a doctor, so please don’t assume anything in this review is medical advice (because it isn’t).

What I am is a mother of 5 children, grandmother of 3, who is in her 40’s, is relatively healthy and very active.

I am not a fitness model by any means, but I do love to be, feel, and eat healthy. I have found fitness to help with so many things including being able to relax easier and fully at night, helps keep my weight where I’m comfortable, gives me more energy to chase after my grandkids, and helps fight a litany of medical issues including anxiety and depression.

Second, a little about my fitness journey.

I prefer to do physically challenging projects around my house that helps me stay healthy and agile, but I also love the ambiance of the gym. I can’t lift heavy weights any longer (stupid back), but I am all about getting some weights in and a little cardio.

I started working out years ago but got serious about it when my son was about 14 (a few years ago). He helped push me more and more and has helped me develop a true love for working out and staying fit.

I also love, love, love hiking since I live in the beautiful PNW and have the most majestic mountain ranges, rivers, and hiking paths to walk and hike along. My absolute favorite is when the destination is a waterfall!

What does this all have to do with a protein product, you ask? Well, everything.

Recovery after physical activity is the most important aspect for me, personally. And there’s a lot of science behind it. According to Medical News Today, “Protein is one of the building blocks of bone, muscle, and skin. The body needs it to produce hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals.” And that’s exactly what I use it for. Along with the weight management aspect! 

Whether I’m doing yard work, hitting the gym, or hiking a beautiful trail, I need some great protein to wrap up my workout, so I ensure my body is recovering the right way (especially at my age!).

When I say that I’ve used tons of protein products over the years, I really have. So, when Naked Nutrition approached me about trying their product, I jumped at the chance (literally jumped out of my chair!). I had heard great things about their products, but I just had not tried them…yet.

I’ve been using their Chocolate Casein Protein Powder for a little while now and I can already tell the difference all around!

The Packaging

When did protein powder packaging become clear?! I kinda love it, though! Maybe it’s just because it’s the Naked brand and they believe that everything should be transparent – both the product in the packaging and what’s in the product (more on this next)? Either way, I love the clear container!

The Contents

As with the name Naked, their products are just that – naked. The ingredient list is super simple, easy for laymen to understand, and gives you exactly what’s in the product.

When I looked up some other protein products that I’ve used in the past, I was floored! They had ingredients like gum acacia, amylase, xanthan gum, and more that I can’t pronounce, much less know what they are! No thank you! I’m sticking with what I can pronounce!

Ingredient list for Chocolate Casein Protein Powder

The Look & Consistency

When I first dug in to find the scoop (because it’s never on the top of the container after shipping), I noticed that the consistency and color of the powder is different from what I’m used to. It’s lighter in color and more fluffy (great description, right?) than my normal chocolate protein powders. I kinda love chocolate and I’d prefer it if all my stuff was chocolate flavored.

The Taste

I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to trying a new product. Does it live up to the hype, is it yummy (a must for me!), and how do I feel after using the product? These are the important areas for me. And yes, it hits all of these for me!

It tastes clean! You might be asking, what does clean taste like? It tastes like it’s natural, there’s no weird aftertaste, and it doesn’t taste chalky like the ‘other guys’. And the kicker is that I feel great after consuming it (in drink or food version). I’ve had products that felt like it just sat in my stomach…super uncomfortable, or I just didn’t feel like my body was recovering well after my workout. Not with this product! 

It’s also not as sweet as other products I’ve used, which I like. I love chocolate, but I also don’t like the really sweet tasting protein powders. There’s something about thinking that I’m eating something I’m not supposed to because it’s too sweet. Not with the Chocolate Casein Protein Powder! I usually already add some fruit or almond milk that adds just a little more sweetness to it, so I don’t need a super sweet, chalky powder to add to the mix.

The Physical

Protein is designed to help your body recover faster, and I definitely felt like that with this one. Being sore the day (or two) after a workout is a sign that your muscles have been torn and are growing. I happen to love the day after soreness because I know I got a great workout in. But, I’d rather not go 3 or 4 days with the same soreness without another workout. So, I take protein to help with my recovery time, and I noticed that my recovery was about a day with the Chocolate Casein Protein Powder vs. 2-3 days average without it.

The Recipes

If you’ve ever used protein powder, you probably already know that there are tons of ways to mix it, even just by itself with water or milk (your choice). I prefer to add fruits to my shakes, and I love to bake with my protein (have you ever had chocolate protein pancakes? They are a-maze-ing!!). Here are a couple of my favorite recipes that I thoroughly enjoyed using the Chocolate Casein Protein Powder in.

Strawberry Chocolate Banana Shake

  • 10oz vanilla or chocolate almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 2 scoops of Chocolate Casein Protein Powder
  • ½ cup of frozen strawberries

Add everything to the blender and blend until smooth.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I also love to make protein pancakes after early morning workouts because they’re the best! Here’s my favorite recipe:

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 bananas
  • ¾ cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Casein Protein Powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Blend or mix eggs and bananas until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and mix until fully combined. Preheat pan and spray with olive oil, if needed. Poor batter to desired pancake size and cook for about 5 minutes or until golden brown on the bottom, flip and cook for about 2 minutes more until both sides are golden brown. 

I have also found Naked Nutrition’s Recipes & Guides enormously helpful!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post – I received courtesy product and compensation from Naked Nutrition in exchange for my honest review only. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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