A Beginner’s Guide To Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are an extremely effective way to market your business. As the name suggests, it’s all about promoting your company to the viewers. Anyone that watches your video should to overwhelmed and have the urge to become a customer. But, how can you create the perfect promotional video for your business? In this article, I’ll guide you through some helpful tips that will lead to the best promo video the world has ever seen. So, strap yourself in and prepare for the ride!

Where Should I Post My Promo Video?


One of the keys to a great video is making sure you post it in the right places. The first place it should go is on your company website. Make sure that when people click on your site, they’re greeted with the video on your homepage. This is great because it’s used to hook them in and keep them on your website for longer. Also, look at your social media channels and upload the video to Facebook & Twitter. This ensures it reaches a wider audience. Finally, you can’t ignore YouTube. It’s the biggest video sharing site on the web, so create a channel and upload the video there too.

Should I Film The Video Myself?

A lot of people try and create a promotional video on their own. They do everything in-house and get employees to help with the filming, etc. The end product is not going to be that great. Unless, of course, you’re an expert in video production. As you’ll see on SuiteSpot.tv, companies are more than willing to offer video production services to businesses. They’re able to film the video, edit it, and make it look professional. If your video looks like pros film it, then it will be far more successful. Low quality, poorly produced, videos, will be cringe worthy and make people laugh at your business.

What Should I Include In The Video?

The video content will depend on your company as a whole. The things you sell will determine the tone of your business. A company that sells sports clothing will have a lighter tone than a company that deals with personal injury law. However, generally speaking, all promotional videos will include a similar structure. The aim is to tell the viewers about your business, promote it! So, you have to focus on getting a few key points across. Talk about why your company is better than the competition. Give people a reason to become your customer. These videos shouldn’t be too long, or people won’t bother watching them. Typically, they won’t last much longer than five minutes. Don’t waste time talking about unimportant information. Everything you say, in the video, should have a purpose. It should inform the viewer and grab their attention.

I find that promotional videos are one of the best ways to market your business. If you’re looking for some other ideas, then check out the post here: http://www.wordstream.com/. Remember, the key to every successful business is a cunning marketing strategy!

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