6 Ways To Generate Trust As A New Business

It can be challenging to establish your business as the number one enterprise in your community, let alone further beyond. This is particularly true for small businesses that have only just launched. While you may enjoy some goodwill and intrigue, this will not last forever. Rather than lose customers, you need to find out how to generate trust so one-time customers become regular visitors, whether to your online store or your physical shop. 

So how can a new business generate trust? You cannot expect your patrons to believe in you immediately. Instead, you must give them a reason to trust your business. If you have recently started a business, here are six ways to generate trust. 

Secure Payments 

With online payments being the prevalent payment method for many people, you must set up a secure payment option when they reach your online checkout. This is the very least you should do, as it protects their information from potential breaches, even if you think your small business is too small to be at risk. 

You can also find ways to make the payment as simple as possible. The likes of subscription billing and multiple payment options (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and crypto) are all other options to consider, as this makes the payment process more straightforward. 

Expert Voice 

While you may not believe you are an expert right now, you can enhance trust in your business by presenting yourself as an authority. In many ways, you are an expert, as you can use your experience from starting a business to share ideas and opinions about your industry, 

As you are more of an authority than your customers, they will trust what you say. While you shouldn’t go around making claims that are too bold or over-the-top, sharing ideas about the state of the industry or providing advice to customers will help you stand out. 

Quality Service 

It should go without saying that providing a quality service should be a fundamental aspect of running your business. Yet, many small businesses do not always go above and beyond the way they should. Providing quality service to your customers is often the easiest way to build trust, so make sure you treat every customer like the most important person in the world. 

Attending to their needs, answering questions, and providing follow-up after a purchase can enhance your reputation. You can also demonstrate your ability to listen to feedback and adjust your business. As you are still new, you may discover you have a lot to learn, and your customers can be instrumental in making that possible. 

Passionate Employees 

Many small businesses can only operate with one or two additional employees. Whether these employees are teenagers with their first after-0school job or graduates hoping to break into the industry, they must be passionate. 

The more passionate your employees are, the easier it will be for your business to stand out and increase trust from your customers. They will see how much your team loves working for you, which creates a positive atmosphere that could be infectious. 

Easy Access 

Making your business accessible anywhere goes a long way towards boosting your profile and generating trust. From mobile sites to apps to sign up for the Google My Business service, you need to make your company as easy to find as some of the big corporations that you may be competing with. 

Not only does this ensure that new and returning customers can find you easily, but it shows that your business is legitimate. A high-quality website, professional photos, and thoroughly checked copy are also crucial, as it establishes you are a company that others can believe in. 

Transparent Policies 

There are plenty of discussions regarding business practices, ethics, and sustainability. Many companies claim to follow ethical or sustainable practices, yet a little digging reveals that they are not always as in line with safe or eco-friendly policies as you believed. 

Being transparent in your operations and policies can immediately put you on the front foot. It enables you to back up what you say and puts you above companies who may be laxer about protecting the planet or sourcing ethical materials or supplies.


There are many ways to build trust as a new and small business. By demonstrating any of these to your customers, you can increase your chances of success and establish a loyal customer base. However, you cannot solely rely on these tips, and you must show consistency and the ability to grow and evolve your business to match the ever-changing needs of loyal customers and new customers, too. 

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