4 Signs Your Team Lacks Chemistry

Every manager dreams of creating a strong and efficient team that can handle everything the industry, bad clients, and fussy customers throw at you. Team chemistry is crucial for sticking together and making sure everyone has each other’s backs, but this chemistry does not happen overnight. It takes time for individuals to integrate and feel comfortable with one another. When they finally do, you will see an impressive increase in performance. But what if your team lacks chemistry, and how can you tell if this is an issue? 

The Chatter Has Died Down 

Although too much chatter can hinder productivity in the office, you still want a healthy rabble of chatter here and there. Everyone needs to take their mind off their projects for a few minutes throughout the day, and sitting in an office that’s quieter than a graveyard is far from ideal. 

This is especially noticeable if there was previously an abundance of chatter. Employees would laugh with one another; they would make observations or discuss the latest binge-able show. If you don’t hear this anymore, it could be a sign that something is amiss. 

Complaints Have Overtaken Celebrations 

Regular celebrations help a team continue to push on towards success and keep motivation and energy high. However, complaints can have the opposite effect and dramatically hinder the workplace atmosphere. 

This could be because of new systems you have implemented or even a change of scenery as people adjust to their new office. It could be a new employee or even losing clients that previously brought in big money consistently. Consider whether anything has changed recently and work out how to make things right. 

Apathy Has Taken Over 

Apathy can be tricky to spot as many employees might be too good at looking like they are working. If not checked and solved quickly, this can increase the risk of presenteeism and absenteeism, both of which can severely affect your business, even if you offer remote working options. 

This can happen if the office is too complicated to reach for some employees, especially those happy in the previous office. Absentee issues can be solved using an API matrix distance to help you find the optimal location for everyone. 

After-Work Drinks Have Stopped 

After-work drinks should not happen every day, but they can increase chemistry and camaraderie amongst your employees. This is an excellent approach for offices of varying ages as they can loosen up and unwind with people they’d previously have nothing to talk about. 

If these drinks have stopped, it could highlight your team has fallen out with each other. Even if they haven’t stopped, some employees may forgo them in favor of going home or going elsewhere. If your team is fractured in how they spend their time, they won’t be able to maintain the relationships that made them so strong before. 


A team that lacks chemistry will never scale the same heights as a team that knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and works hard to complement each other. If you feel your team is lacking the smooth, orchestral-like performance you want, consider how team-building exercises, conflict resolution, and increased responsibilities can benefit your company. 

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