Things They Don’t Tell You About Starting A Restaurant

For many, opening a new restaurant is a dream. Instead of just working in a kitchen or preparing food at home, you can finally share your concepts and ideas with everyone else in the community. 

Unfortunately, opening a new restaurant is challenging. More than three quarters fail in the first year. 

What’s more, when you announce that opening a new restaurant is what you want to do, everyone in your circle looks at you in a funny way. Do you really want to put all your savings on the line to engage in a venture with very little chance of success?

Opening a restaurant can work, but you can’t go into the process naïve. Here are some of the things that nobody ever tells you about it. 

You’re Not Going To Make A Lot Of Money

If you think you’re going to make a lot of money in the restaurant business, then think again. Margins tend to be quite low, because of competition. And your overheads are high. You have to pay rent, staff wages, and input costs. Plus, you must always be ready for inspections. You never know when an inspector is going to come along and check for hygiene. 

Eventually, you can make a lot of money, but most owners have to wait more than a decade before their aspirations for their businesses match reality. Furthermore, it’s difficult to make a lot of money from just a single restaurant. You need more than one if you want to make your bank balance significantly healthier. 

You Going To Have To Learn To Be Handy

When things break in your restaurant, you can’t always afford to have someone come out and fix it for you. In many cases, you just need to bite the bullet and sort the problem out yourself. 

Plumbing issues, for instance, crop up regularly. Thanks to the amount of oil and food waste, it’s easy for pipes to get blocked. Instead of forking out a day’s wages each time the sinks won’t drain, it’s often financially prudent to fix the issue yourself. And that means that you need to know a thing or two about maintenance

You Will Battle Hygiene Constantly

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is more challenging than you might think. You’ll need to constantly rotate your food, and clean up oil residues. Most owners get exhaust hood system cleaning and put it on a schedule, particularly if they regularly fry foods in their kitchen.

You Will Need To Prioritize Self Care

You’ll also need to look after yourself. When you own a restaurant, stress becomes a part of your life. And because most eateries are open all week, it’s hard to get a break. Saturday and Sunday are often your busiest trading days. 

If you notice that your emotional state is changing for the worse, it could be a sign that you’re getting burned out. If you allow it to go on for too long, it may affect the profitability of your underlying business.

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