Everything Your Small Business Should Be Automating

Small business owners often have far too much going on to handle everything themselves, and the good news is, they don’t have to! There’s a lot you can do as a small business owner to make your work life easier, and lighten the weight of your responsibilities throughout your day. Small businesses make use of automation all of the time, and you shouldn’t hesitate to implement it into your business where you think it fits the most.

Of course, you’ll want to retain at least some control over your business, but you don’t need to manually handle every single process that needs to be completed.

Customer interaction

When running your business, there are going to be a lot of scenarios that you’ll have to handle your customers. The level of interaction that you need to provide changes depending on the kind of business you’re running – for example, an online business would require much less.

You should know, though, that even as an online business you should try to interact with potential customers. You would have seen that many sites that you visit have chatbots that interact with interested customers, and it could potentially score you more sales. Check out this chatbot for car dealerships

You still want to interact with your customers, but some interactions can be handled through automation, saving you a lot of time throughout your day.


Running an online business is something that allows you to make sales consistently without having to interact with your customers constantly. If you don’t have your own website, then it might be hard to implement this kind of automation, but it would be absolutely necessary once your business is attracting more customers.

Then there are also the follow-up emails that would come after a customer purchase, another process that you’ll want to consider automating. Sending a ready-made email that was generated based on the order details to confirm that you’ve received their order is essential.


Not all marketing can be automated, but there are some types that will work a charm! Email marketing is a great example of this, and it’s typically used to encourage the return of customers that you’ve previously had. What would typically happen is the customer would receive an email featuring exclusive or current discounts that might interest them based on their previous purchases and interests. While it might only be worth automating this once you’ve got a bigger audience, it’s still going to save you time when it comes to marketing.

Customer reminders

Just like email marketing, you’ve got to find a way to bring back already existing customers. When browsing the internet it’s easy to forget about things that you’ve shown interest in before, and your customers might have forgotten items in their baskets! Reminders to these customers that they’ve left products in their basket can be both helpful for them and useful for you. It could just be that they got sidetracked and still intended to make the purchase.

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