Areas In Your Home To Repair And Upgrade When Selling

Selling your home can come with a lot of pressure and requires meticulous planning to get everything right. However, the most important thing is to make sure you spruce up your property if you want to sell quickly and at the price you want. Choosing between repairs and upgrades has been a tough choice for many homeowners who sell their homes. But according to stats from HomeAdvisor, making the right combination of repairs and upgrades can increase the value of your home by up to 10%. 

The main distinction between repairs and upgrades is that repairs maintain your home’s value while upgrading it. For buyers, the perfect home requires minimal or no repairs at all. So regular maintenance of your home’s property can go a long way to sell at a reasonable price when you are ready to sell, and here are a few areas to consider.


The exterior part of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees and gives them some idea of what the interior might look like. If the exterior does not impress them, they might not even bother to take a look inside.

Proper drainage around the foundation can increase the value of a home. Most homeowners aren’t aware of how poor drainage can affect their foundation, leading to water seepage and structural damage. If excess groundwater builds up around the house foundation, it can push your basement walls inward, crack your concrete, and allow water to enter your home. You can catch these conditions with a foundation inspection.

A foundation inspection is when a licensed contractor or structural engineer examines your home for clear and hidden signs of foundation damage. Contractors will usually charge a small fee if you want an inspection done because you’re selling your home and you want to boost its value.

Horizontal foundation cracks – compared to vertical ones – are almost always structurally significant. In other words, they will affect your home’s structural integrity if they aren’t repaired. The good news is horizontal foundation cracks can almost always be repaired.

Watch out for uneven slabs as well. Uneven slabs are a trip hazard and a liability, especially when selling homes – uneven sidewalks or driveways can lower the home’s value. Concrete leveling is a method for repairing a rough slab – such as a sidewalk, driveway, patio, etc. – without digging up the old slab and pouring a new one. Concrete leveling is less expensive and faster than digging up and replacing the slab.


You may want to contact a commercial roofing company to ensure there are no missing or misplaced tiles, ridge caps, or shingles that may lead to water damage. A bad roof makes a bad home, so make sure it is checked, and all the necessary repairs are made.

Exterior doors

You must also check the exterior doors in your home. Door handles, locks, and weather strips should be in good condition. Doors are gateways to the house, so they must be secure, safe, and sturdy. Garage doors as well must be checked to ensure they work perfectly and are safe.


The interior part of the home represents the living space and where you spend most of your time, and as such, places such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and others must be in good shape.

Kitchen and bathrooms

These two areas will be of significant interest to buyers. This is because they have a lot of appliances, electrical connections, and plumbing. It is advisable to check these areas and fix cabinets, leaks and replace faucets and sinks. Also, make sure that your bathtub or shower is in good condition.

Bedroom and living area

These parts of the house are also important, and things to look out for are the walls, ceilings, flooring, and lighting fixtures. Repair or upgrade them according to the need.

HVAC systems

The heating, ventilation, and air condition systems in your home must be fully functional and in good condition. Be sure to have them checked by professionals.

Safety and security features

Buyers are also interested in your home’s safety and security features, so make sure these features are fully operational. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, circuit breakers, electrical panels, and others must all be checked and fixed if needed.

If you practice routine maintenance in your home, then chances are you will not need to spend much to repair or upgrade things. Ensuring that you can quickly sell at the price you want.

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