Safety In The Workplace Comes Down To Work-Life Balance

Safety in the workplace is and should be a primary concern of employers. The cost of an injured employee far exceeds the cost of implementing a climate that aids in the prevention of such injuries. Roy Maurer, in his article Work/Life Balance, Safety Climate Impact Workplace Injuries, suggests that creating an environment that includes a work-life balance will aid in decreasing employee injuries. According to Maurer, “companies that run in a smooth and effective manner and have minimal constraints on worker performance decreased injuries by 38 percent” (para. 5). Maurer goes on to explain that employees reported in a recent study that those employees who had “the greatest amount of interference with their family lives had the highest injury rate” (para. 9).

To aid in decreasing the probability of employee injuries employers must be proactive in developing, implementing, and enforcing programs that allow employees to have a fulfilling work-life balance. This will help decrease severe costs associated with employee injuries.

Does your employer offer fulfilling work-life balance opportunities? If so, do they meet your needs?


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