How To Master Instagram Photos

Social media is a form of marketing which is incredibly popular and used by more people than any other platform on the internet. One of the most popular forms of social media is a site called Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to create a gallery of images that will either represent your brand or even your own personal story.

It is a hub of creativity and as far as Social Media Marketing goes, Instagram is one of the top players for engagement and a dedicated audience. If you want to grow your following on this platform and allow your brand to flourish, you will need to learn how to take the best photos you possibly can. Here are some of the amazing tips you can use to take the best photos for your Instagram account.


If you are looking to create a photograph which truly stands out from the crowd and creates a sense of drama: a silhouette can be the perfect way to go. A silhouette will usually involve a highly lit, colorful scene in the background, and then a blacked out person or building in the foreground. To create this beautiful image for your account, you will need to find a highly lit space such as a sunset or sunrise and stand your subject in front of it. You can then focus on the light in the background and this will darken your subject to create a dramatic image.


Reflections are amazing if you want to create a form of illusion in your images and they also often instil a sense of calm onto the people who see them. Reflections come in many different forms, but the most popular two are water and mirrors. An effortless reflection image can be taken if you visit a lakeside with still water on a sunny day. You will be able to see a blue sky, the sun, a few clouds and trees in the water as clear as day. This can be a stunning addition to your gallery. A mirror can be used to create a sense of mystery in an image. For example if you can place your subject next to a mirror and tell them to look through the mirror at the camera: you will see that the final image shows the reflection looking directly at the camera, which can be incredibly effective and provoke emotion in viewers.


Most of the time when we are living our lives we do not notice shadows. Shadows are the absence of light we experience when either our body or another object blocks the sun. However, if you can use shadows a the focal point of an image you can create a stunning picture. Ideally you will want to shoot an image with the shadow as your main subject, front and center of the image. In the background you only want one or two colors for maximum impact and intrigue. You can even rotate the image upside down to make it more dramatic and add a higher sense of depth to the image.

Negative space

Usually when you are taking a photo you will try your best to zoom in close to the subject and get only them in the frame, however this is not always the best case. Negative space is what describes all of the empty space which is around your subject. For example if you were to take a photo of your friend on the beach, the surrounding beach is the negative space. It is not the main focus of the image however it still adds value to your composition. Next time you plan to take a photo, try to make the most of the space surrounding your subject. People enjoy images which are more calm and spacious, it invokes a sense of relaxation and peace. If you want an Instagram feed which is more minimalist and artistic: using negative space to your advantage could be the best way to go.

Different Angles

It is far too easy to simply look at an object, point and shoot. Most of the time our mind tells us to aim front and centre and get the subject in the middle of the frame. Sometimes however, it can make a larger impact on your feed if you try a different angle. For example if you want to take a photo of your friend standing in front of a mountain, your instinct to point the camera at eye level needs to be challenged. Try instead to crouch down slightly lower than your friend and tell them to look off to the side of the shot. You will end up with a more artistic and interesting piece of art. The same can be applied by standing above your friend and telling them to look up at the camera. Photography should be creative and fun, so have a little fun and try new things once in a while.


Saturation is essentially the level of color your image displays. For example you could take a photograph of a purple flower and up the saturation to make the purple much bolder, or lower it for a more pastel look. Saturation is the easiest way to enhance any photo you take, and whether you increase or decrease it will depend on the image itself. For example, if you are taking an photograph of a sunset, you want the colors to stand out and therefore you would increase the value. If you were to take a photograph of a person, you might want to decrease it a little to avoid the skin looking an odd shade of orange. It is a type of editing which will depend on the theme of your Instagram feed, your subject and your own personal taste. Some people love a monochrome theme, some like pastel, and some prefer bold. Try out a few different styles of saturation and see which one works best for your Instagram theme.

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