Important Online Security Tips You Need To Know

When browsing online in any capacity, should it be for recreation or business, it is crucial for you to be careful of your habits. The online world can be a wonderful thing and opens up a world of knowledge and possibilities, however, it can also be dangerous. When sharing your data and infromaton online, make sure you follow some simple rules and guidance to be safer and smarter this year. Here are some important online security tips you need to know. 

Don’t fall for Phishing 

Phishing is one of the most common ways in which people will try to get your data and it is incredibly important for you to never trust something at first glance. A lot of the time hackers will use a fake version of a friend’s account or they will act like someone you know in order to get your personal information from you. Some phishing websites will even mask themselves as bank websites in order to get people to fall into their trap and enter their details. It sounds like something impossible to deal with but actually you can use your skills as a web user to work out which websites are legitimate or not. The trick is in the website domain. Secure and trusted websites have HTTPS as their beginning, and untrusted ones don’t. To be on the safe side only ever visit HTTPS sites. 

Lock Your Phone

We all have a smartphone these days, and having a smartphone is one of the most handy things for us when we are leading busy lives. However it is also important for you to realise that a smartphone is an ideal target for any malicious activity and it is what many hackers will target first. When coming up with a password for your phone it needs to be secure and not easy to guess. It is also important to get a phone which has 2 factor authentication such as fingerprint and Face ID. 

Install Protection

The most obvious thing you can really do to help ensure that your computer and your identity is safe online is to install some software to protect your machine. Every machine needs antivirus to protect it and there are many other handy tools you can use such as bot protection to make the process easier and to ensure you are safe when browsing online. 

Avoid Oversharing

Sharing things on social media is great and being able to share things about your life with friends and family is always nice. However it is also important to note that social media can be seen by others, and your information can be used against you. One of the most common problems and examples of this is when you post on social media that you are going on holiday. Anyone who may want to target your home will take this chance and attack while you are away. Be smart with your sharing and remember that some things are better kept to yourself now and again. 

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