How To Optimize A Small Local Business

Are you getting the most out of your small business? If you’re website is not properly optimized, and you aren’t marketing it in the right ways, chances are it is underperforming. The good news is that major search engines offer free tools, such as the Google Digital Garage, which has lessons and courses on how to optimize your website and improve your business performance.

Optimize your Website 

Needless to say, you require a website if you want to access customers in the local area effectively; whenever someone needs a local service such as translation service, a plumbing service, or a window cleaning service, the first thing they do is ask the search engine. 

Not only do you need a website, but you also need an optimized website. The search engine will rank your website according to the on-page SEO, but other factors count as well, such as user experience and loading times. Make sure you don’t have too much contact and video on site. 

Local Business Listings 

Make sure your commercial window cleaning company is listed on the business listing. There are a few examples of local business directories such as Yelp and Yahoo Local, but probably the most important place to list your business is Google My Business which boost your brand. 

When you list your business on Google My Business and other local listing platforms, it increases your local visibility and helps you rank higher on the search engine results page (SERPs). So when clients search for your keywords, your business is the first one to appear. 

Publish Local Content 

As a local business, you have some big advantages over the major corporations and agencies. They might have bigger advertising budgets, but they don’t have an authentic connection to the local community. It makes sense to make the most of this advantage and publish local content. 

Local content can include SEO blog articles about local festivals and events that show that your business is active in the local community. This establishes you as a trustworthy local business that is worth contacting and namedropping when people are talking about services.  

Organic Search Results

There are two forms of website results, organic and paid. Paid search results allow your business to appear at the top of the search result listings when one of your keyword terms is searched for; however, you will have to pay a fee for the keywords that may not be necessary.

Although paid search results can be useful in the context of a marketing campaign, studies show that most users skip past paid results in favor of organic search results. This is good news if you run a local business, choose the best long-tail keywords and optimize your website

One of the key ranking factors that major search engines use are backlinks. When a quality website in your niche links back to you, it’s an indication of quality for the search engine and improves your ranking; backlinks are better than keywords for ranking but harder to acquire.  

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