Amazing Tips For Using Instagram for SEO

Instagram’s immense popularity as a social media platform has compelled several businesses to include it in their effective social media marketing stratagem. Using Instagram could be of great help for boosting your overall SEO endeavors. Even though Google has maintained that social media efforts are not used as an SEO ranking factor, you must be aware that when you simply have a profile on a social networking site, it would be boosting your SERP ranking. As you explore this article, you could fully understand what impact social media has on your rankings. Here are a few useful tips for making the most of Instagram.

Keep Changing Your URL As Often As You Can

As you are not allowed by Instagram to share links in every post of yours, you are restricted to the one and only link that is present in your profile. This obviously implies that you would like to keep changing this link in tune with the current campaigns or for boosting the volume of traffic to specific pages. You must take the fullest advantage of the available space. Send individuals to diverse product pages and landing pages. When you consider the link as actually a CTA or actually the bridge between ROI and engagement, you would be getting a clear perspective as to when you are thinking of changing the link, what you are looking to actually change it into, and how frequently, you desire to make the change.

Research Hashtags & Use Them

You must devote quite a lot of time to doing research. You need to find out everything about the precise hashtags you are thinking of using. When you perform a meticulous research you could rest assured that you would be choosing the hashtags with maximum traffic volume which seem to be pretty relevant to your specific post. All you need to do is just incorporate the precise list of hashtags simply where the post ends, instead of getting worked up about inserting them in a natural manner in the description. You could be using effective tools such as Keyhole, Hashtagify, and Websta for researching hashtags. This way there could be a boost in Instagram followers.

Domain Authority Can Be Increased by Developing a Brand on Instagram

When there is widespread brand awareness and everyone is talking about the specific brand both offline and online, the search volume is bound to go up. Once the search volume is boosted, you would automatically be getting more and more traffic to your online site that would be improving your actual domain authority. Once you find that the domain authority has improved, your overall ranking would go up or improve too, as it is a ranking factor.


Social engagement leads to a boost in links and increased volume of traffic. Once you witness more and more people are engaging with you on Instagram, your popularity on the platform would be shooting up phenomenally.  When individuals start sharing your content generously with their audiences, it would be driving more traffic to your site.

Author Bio: Walter Moore Hart is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles, he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.

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