Self Care Through Meditation

Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing.”

Russell Simmons

Learn the art of meditation and you’ll learn the art of listening to your soul. Meditation helps me to reset, to shake off anxiety, stress, and negative energy. More importantly, it helps me re-center and balance myself.

My brain doesn’t ever stop. Like ever. But it’s getting better. 

I find it really helpful to meditate first thing in the morning before I get started with my day and then right before I go to bed. 

In the morning I am shaking off the sleep, opening my mind to new opportunities, good energy, and to learning whatever lesson is presented to me. 

At night I am resetting from the day, bringing me back to center, clearing my mind so that I can get peaceful sleep. 

Before I learned how to meditate I had to keep a notepad with a pen next to my bed every night just so that I can write down whatever is on my mind so I can get my brain to actually quiet down for the night. I still have that notepad in case there’s some thing that I really do need to take a notice, but for the most part, with the help of meditation, I sleep so much better!

If you’ve never meditated before and decide to start now or soon, which I fully support, you’ll have to learn how. At least I did. It took a while for me to understand how to actually clear my mind. It’s definitely not something that happened overnight for me or on the first few…dozen…tries. 

I actually got really frustrated the first few times that I really try to focus and meditate and clear my mind. Things just kept coming into my thoughts. My to do list, my kids, worry about something that is coming up, bills, unfinished work that I know I need to get done… The list is endless. It all came to my mind as soon as I tried to not think about anything. 

For me, it was kind of like this… don’t think about an elephant. You thought about an elephant, didn’t you? Probably even pictured that elephant in your mind. When we’re told her not to do something or think about some thing, as humans, we have an instinct to think about it or do that thing. So, when I was focusing on clearing my mind, my mind was trying to do anything other than that. 

But I did get it. It takes a lot of practice and even more patience (which I have never claimed to have). The results, for me, were worth it though. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, definitely in this circumstance! 

I’m not a doctor, and meditation for every person, as I have learned through my reading and research, is, or at least can, be vastly different. The premise is to clear your mind, to let go of negative energy, to release the stress to let it go, and to help re-balance and re-center yourself. It doesn’t have to be an absolute quiet, but I find that I meditate the best when there’s fewer distractions and when I have some amazing smells around me from my candles or my essential oils. 

My absolute favorite place to meditate is in nature, around water, with no one else there so I can yell, scream, pace, throw rocks, or whatever else I need to do to release the pent up negativity until I can get to the right mindset to clear my mind.

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to meditate to jump on Google and do a little bit of research on different methods. Try some out for yourself and see what you think, change what you do and your approach, change your surroundings and find what works for you! Meditation is one piece of the puzzle of self-care and self-love and just being over all healthy. 

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