Enjoy Your Journey

“Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you to where you’re going next.”

Mandy Hale 

Have you ever stopped to think about how you got to exactly where you are right now? I mean exactly right where you are. Where you’re standing or sitting right at this very moment. A very specific set of circumstances and situations and decisions happened exactly the way they needed to put you right where you are right at this moment. 

I bet if you’re reading this you’ve been through a journey. Maybe it was really awesome, maybe it was filled with pain, or maybe it was somewhere right in between. No matter how you got to where you’re at, there is no changing where you have been. 

Good friend of mine wants told me to never second-guess myself. It’s hard though, isn’t it? All the what if‘s…the self-doubt. 

Stop right there. 

If you can’t change where you have been, what is the point in stressing over the past? 

Instead, enjoy your journey instead of fighting it. You’re going to get to where you’re going one way or another. 

You’ll be so much happier, which will make you healthier (yes, happiness increases health, but that’s a whole other topic), you’ll enjoy your job just a bit more, and those around you will want to be around you more. 

You might be asking me right about now, “how the $@#! do I enjoy this?!” Fantastic question! The first step is to take care of yourself

Get outside – the sun and fresh air will do wonders for mood and health. Find something you like, and go spend some time there. 

Take a bath – get some candles, put on soft music, take a good book or nothing at all, and just relax. 

Workout – you don’t have to join a CrossFit club, or any fitness club if you don’t want. I have a home gym with a few key pieces that give me a good workout. I also really enjoy walking outside while listening to podcasts, books on tape, or music. 

The key is to start right now. Even if it’s something small. 

I am the perfect case study. 

After being a wife and mom for a couple of decades, I had to learn how to take care of myself. It was weird, I had to adjust, I had to allow myself to be okay with taking care of myself. So I started small… Some nice smelling lotion or moisturizer, a bath with a glass of wine, the purchase of a book I want to read. 

I really liked these little things here and there. It feels good to do things that make me feel good and lowers my stress levels. The better I feel, the better my health is, the better I am as an employee, and I am a better wife and mom to my family. 

Don’t wait for New Year’s, or a new month, or even A new day. Start now. Take five minutes to meditate and to tell yourself that you love yourself. 

We might as well enjoy our journey while we live it. 

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