Being Happy While Still Planning For The Future

“We can smile and relax. Everything we want is right here in the present moment.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Part of self-care is being able to be okay with where and who you are at right now. Not being complacent by any means but being truly happy right now in the moment. All the decisions you have made, all the things you have done have led you to right where you are right now. There’s always extenuating circumstances that affect you, but ultimately it was you who got you to this point.

Being grateful and happy doesn’t mean that you’re done, finished, don’t need to do anything else. Actually, to me, it means the exact opposite.

Smiling, relaxing, feeling grateful, loving myself, being truly happy means that I am good with where and who I am in this moment, and that I have a plan (or I’m working on one) to continue my journey of self-care, self-love, and improving who I see in the mirror.

Planning and executing on a plan to become a better you should never be a finished thing. It’s ongoing, it’s changing your plan if needed, it’s adjusting to the circumstances and experiences.

Start planning and making changes right this second exactly where you are. It can be a mindset shift in how you appreciate yourself. It can be a plan to start reading, to stop watching the news (this was a huge one for me), spending more time with family and pets, whatever makes you happy.

Total side note…did you know that it is medically beneficial to pet and play with your pets. Petting and playing with dogs has been known to lower the stress hormone cortisol and increases the level of oxytocin (the good stuff). Petting cats has been known to lower overall stress and anxiety and improve cardiovascular health. Don’t take my word for it…Google it and find your own reputable sources.

Bigger changes, life events, and the like will take much more preparation, planning, and long-term execution plans. Remember that you can’t just wish for what you want. Manifesting what you want means that you are also putting in the work to make it happen.

My husband and I want to purchase a house. We believed that we could get a home loan, we said it to the universe that we deserve to be approved for a home loan, and then we put in the work. We changed spending habits, budgeted more to go towards saving and debt, and refrained from taking out additional debt. The work we did increased our credit score, decreased our debt (even a little can be a huge feat… for us anyway), increased our income through additional revenue sources, and we were approved for a home loan!

I am absolutely happy with where I am at right this moment and I am planning for things to come, making big and small changes to keep me happy and make things even better in the future.

I hope that you are happy with where and who you are right at this moment. If you aren’t, only you can make the necessary changes.

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