How To Boost Team Morale During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The great coronavirus pandemic that has dictated the entirety of 2020 has forced the majority of the world’s workforce to work remotely from their homes. As remote workers and their teams try to adapt to this ‘new normal’ among the chaotic world around them, the team morale can be affected negatively. 

Of course, this is to be expected- with employees feeling anxious and overwhelmed about a change in routine without impacting on the quality of their work. Not only that, navigating the ‘work from home’ routine while juggling managing a household, home learning, and trying to keep to the latest government guidelines can impact on staff morale. 

The virus won’t only impact on those who have transitioned from the office to the living room. People whose work relies on being out among the public, such as those who work for a mobile paint manufacturing company or who deliver mail or groceries will have the added anxiety of not having the choice to protect themselves from members of the public. 

So how can you help to boost the morale of a team feeling the pressure? Keep reading to get some ideas. 

Keep everybody informed 

During times of unpredictable uncertainty, it is incredibly important for team members to feel informed about the goings on in the company. So whether you give regular status updates to all staff members, checking in, hosting question and answer sessions, keeping an open line of communication will show that everyone is in this together and gives your team members the comfort and support they need to keep morale high. 

Host virtual hangouts 

Host video calls that are not work related for a little bit of light relief. Once a week host trivia sessions, anecdote sharing, or encourage teams to share something they have learned during this period- baking the perfect loaf, for example. 

Create a safe space for team members to decompress, connect and communicate with colleagues on a more personal level. 

Organize fun activities 

Give your team members something to look forward to that will help to punctuate the week. For example- host coffee chat sessions to allow space to decompress. Encourage physical activities such as socially distant workouts outside, share recipes. 

Lastly, consider group mindfulness activities that bring teams together and will help to improve their mental health, and, therefore, boost their morale. 

Check in on Your Team Members Individually

A simple, ‘how are you’ can go a long way with things remaining so uncertain. Check on your team members to see how they’re getting on. Don’t keep the focus on work tasks, either. Ask if there are any extra provisions they need such as groceries and household goods if they’re isolating. 

Employees will be grateful for the additional support and will hopefully feel less stress. 

Remember, your staff members are human beings with families who are experiencing the stresses of the pandemic as much as the rest of the world. During these uncertain times, they will remember how the company they worked for ensured a good team morale. 

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