How To Boost Community Engagement For Your Small Business

All businesses should include some form of community engagement as part of the overarching marketing strategy. Whether that be online or in the physical community, or both. Being social and engaging these days is a huge bonus for businesses. It helps boost your profile and brand, and it can enable you to build trust as well as making more informed, people-related and ultimately better businesses decisions. By engaging in the community on all the platforms, e.g., social media, local events, etc., you are able to gather more customer data, and if you analyze it correctly, you will build better products and services and be able to market them better. The overall goal of engaging in a community is to enhance your business, build loyalty and trust, and create target-driven campaigns. The more you understand about the problems you are solving in your customers’ lives, the better. 

The Human Factor

Whenever you think about uploading on social media, for example, never forget the human factor. The clue is in the name. It is a social platform, so make it human. This is where engaging in the local community will help. You can use community events as photo ops, and upload heartwarming stories that relate to your business. The human factor is so important. It actually helps people remember your brand. So, in order to promote your brand effectively on social platforms, photos of real-life events will help. Also, remember that when you post, you are posting to individual people, so it may help if you talked colloquially, rather than formally, for example. Also, reply to any comment on your posts quickly so that that comment is still fresh in the commenter’s mone and you may be able to open up a dialogue. Use this tool to boost your brand.

Core Values

If you want to sell a lot of products, it helps if your company has a set of specific core values. These core values need to be related to how your target customer thinks. So before creating core values, you need to do a lot of market research and work out how your key customer thinks, and then you can align your company philosophy to that. Core values need to be taught to your employees who know them like the back of their hand, so at any event, they can be a no one spokesperson. Your website needs to highlight these core values, and wherever you advertise, it can then always be coherent with the overarching company ethos. This way, you can always rely on that as a talking point – what you are doing to help in that area. Sustainability is one example of this. You can show people how you will change and adapt to meet global reduction carbon footprint targets for instance.

Get Involved in Local Events  

Do not underestimate the value of the local community. If you are seen as adding value, you will be somewhat protected in your area. Additionally, a lot of your traffic may come from the local area. So you could either host or join a local event. To do this, you could contact the local authorities and discover where and when suitable local events will take place. Contact the people creating the event and see if there is scope for you to either hold a talk or have a stall. Ensure you go prepared with all the right marketing effects such as business cards. Why not try to metal type front the Foil Printing Company as these last longer and look far more professional, giving you that edge. A local event is a great photo opportunity. This can be especially effective if you are teaching something to children. Al this can go onto your social media platforms. That way, your engagement is doubly boosted. Remember, you are your number one marketing tool, so engage with everyone you can. You can use core values as talking points, as mentioned previously, and that way, you can gauge responses and discover if your marketing strategy needs to be altered to be more effective. 


Offering apprenticeships is a great way to boost community engagement. It may be offering the youth in your town some hope and building up their skills in a much-needed craft. There is a lack of opportunity in some areas, and by offering something of this kind, you will engage with the youth and ensure that your skills do not disappear. An Apprenticeship program will help not only the apprentice, but it will help you can you. You can use the program as something to showcase on social media for example.

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