Can We Disconnect?

Being in the wireless industry I know exactly what it’s like to be connected 24/7 to work, to email, to texts, to phone calls, etc. It can get quite annoying at times and it can be great at other times. It’s rare that someone who is connected electronically to work 24/7 will actually put their phone, computer / laptop, and now tablets and netbooks down.

According to the SHRM Online staff:

According to a new report, 38 percent of employees equipped with mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops work before their commute, 25 percent work during their commute, 37 percent work during lunch, 33 percent work after their commute home and 26 percent work after dinner—every day.

As technology advances, so does how we connect in our personal and professional lives. Being constantly connected is now the norm in many industries, and not just IT or technology-related industries. Most managers, no matter the industry, is now connected to their company via cell phone. This technology-driven enterprise allows employees to have more flexible work schedules, thus allowing employees to work when they are the most efficient, using their time better and creating an overall greater productivity and efficiency among employees.

When this new technology was being introduced initially, employees were having a challenging time finding a work-life balance that suited their needs. As technology grows and allows even more flexibility, employees are now finding a work-life balance that benefits their lifestyles. More employees are starting to disconnect from their mobile devices to spend quality time with their families. Work-life balance, flexible work schedules, and increased benefits are what employees are looking for. If they can’t get it through their current employers, in a study published in the Mobile Workforce Report, 33 percent of employees surveyed said “they would seek employment elsewhere, 57 percent would be less satisfied with their job and 45 percent would feel less productive.” Watch out…if you’re company isn’t up-to-date with their flexible work schedules and work-life balance policies, you could potentially lose out on your great employees – you know, the one’s who work hard for little pay…

Does your company embrace flexible work schedules and a strong work-life balance? How does this impact morale in your company??

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