5 Problems You Might Need to Fix With Your Retail Store

Despite the e-commerce sector skyrocketing in recent years, retail is still very much alive and well. Many people prefer to buy goods locally, especially when they need items on the same day as their purchases.

The trouble is, some retail store owners might be inadvertently diminishing their chances of boosting “foot traffic” into their establishments.

You’re likely reading this article today because you want to know that you’re doing everything possible to make the products in your store attractive to prospective customers. With that in mind, here are a few problems you might need to fix with your retail store:

1. It’s Not Easily Accessible

Some of your customers may have mobility issues and need walking frames or wheelchairs to get around. Are you inadvertently alienating those customers, or is your retail store accessible to everyone?

You may need a firm like K&E Flatwork to create a new wheelchair ramp or repair an existing one outside your store. You may also need to look at having the entrance to your premises widened if it only has a small, narrow doorway.

2. You Don’t Step Inside Your Customer’s Shoes

What is the shopping experience like in your retail store? It’s easy to solely view that experience from a management perspective. But, what’s it like for your customers to walk around your store and browse items?

Do your customers find it hard to seek the products they want? Are some products so hard to reach they require assistance from one of your staff? You need to make sure your customers can find what they want and that everything gets organized logically.

3. You Aren’t Offering Enough Payment Options

Did you know that some retail stores only accept cash payments “because it doesn’t cost anything to process”? Others may only accept limited types of debit and credit cards as payment for goods.

You must ensure that your customers have plenty of payment choice options. For example, if you use a SumUp card reader, you can accept contactless payment options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay for Android devices.

4. You Have Strange Opening Hours

When you operate a retail business, it makes sense to have opening hours that align with when your customers are most likely to visit. Otherwise, you could end up causing potential customers to go elsewhere when your store isn’t open.

It’s a good idea to review your opening hours so you can serve your customers when they’re most likely to visit. Also, opening seven days a week can boost your income as customers can visit when they’re not working.

5. You Never Offer Any Promotions

Lastly, you can’t expect customers to keep buying from your retail store if you only offer fixed prices. It makes sense to offer promotions that draw people into your store. That’s because they’re also likely to purchase other items during their visit.

The promotions you offer might be percentage discounts or “buy one, get one free” offers on some lines.

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