Modern Marketing Trends Cheat Sheet For Your Small Business

The landscape of marketing changes so quickly these days. It can feel like no sooner have you got your head around one way of doing things that the game changes and it’s no longer relevant. However, as it is essential for your small business’s success to keep up to date with such trends, and therefore we have come with an easy to digest cheat sheet below to help you.


SEO could do with another entire post on its own, but in essence, its importance lies with keeping up with the current way that search engines find and rank websites that are important to your business.

What this means is that you need to know what the bots are looking for and what they are penalizing and ensure that your SEO strategy is in line with this. For example, the most recent penguin update on Google means that more specific titles and links in content are valued much more highly than general clickbait type ones. This information is crucial for you to know because without this any marketing that touches on the SEO realm won’t be as effective as it could be.

Digital media

A massive part of modern marketing for any small business is the digital media. This type of marketing encompasses using many different digital channels to promote our product and inform your customer base about your brand.

In particular, in 2018 the use of podcasts and videos that are related directly to your demographic can work incredibly well. They are also a fairly low-cost way of providing interesting and informative content that will attract potential customers attention over the digital media platform.

Podcasts are an effective modern marketing tool.

Also don’t forget about the use of digital media in your physical location as well. In fact, the use of LED sign boards can be hugely successful in advertising the benefits of using your business over competitors. They can also be customized with ease, something that allows them to add that extra pop to a short-term promotion without having to take out traditional print media articles and adverts.

Interactive content

Lastly, the biggest trend in modern marketing for small business in 2018 is interactive content. We aren’t just talking about content that engages potential customers here such as social media posts that people comment on. In fact, interactive content takes things a step further and temps the customer in with an active requirement.

This can include timelines in which customers have to perform certain tasks to discover the needed information. Alternatively, assessments that demonstrate to the client how much they could benefit from your service as in this example can work well.

The real value of these interactive content is that not only does it appeal on a visual level but the interaction itself allows companies to deliver their message in a fun way, without ramming it down people’s throats. In fact, they can feel as if they have come across the information you are providing themselves, something that makes it a hugely valuable method of modern marketing your small business should consider in 2018.

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