Maximize Your Instagram Following With These Easy Steps


Marketing online isn’t the easiest task to do. It’s so easy for your brand to get lost amongst the hundreds of thousands of posts that are on social media. Instagram is no different. But, here are 5 websites and apps that will help you to stand out from the crowd and will take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

Purchase some likes and followers online:

This may sound a little like cheating, but I see it as being the stepping stone to building a genuine base of loyal customers for your brand. You can’t expect the followers and likes to come to you, you have to go to them! The best way to get more likes on your posts is to already have many there – as this gives the impression that you’re a brand that can be trusted. The same goes for followers, having many there already gives your potential followers the impression that you’re a brand that other people already know and love. People like to follow trends. And if you can give the impression that you are a current trend, then people will flock to your page and site. Sozialy allows you to buy likes and followers online in a safe and trusted way – and it’s cheap too.

Establish a theme:

The latest trend on Instagram is having a theme for your feed. Whether it be all of your photo’s are black and white, or all of your photo’s show a certain style of item. Set a theme for your profile and the followers are sure to increase and be intrigued. Following a particular theme shows your brand to be consistent – which goes hand in hand with being a brand that can be trusted. So, whether you choose your theme to be a certain filter or item in each image – go for it and establish yourself as a consistent brand that cares about the content that it puts out there!


This is the chance to dip into your marketing budget a little and advertise some of your posts on Instagram. Advertising your brand will take you to people who may not have otherwise seen your posts. They will see a post that is of interest to them and they will hopefully like it and follow you so they can see your other posts. Advertising on Instagram is both quick, easy, and cost effective – and it will take your brand to truly new heights.

Promote your account in store:

If you are a store, then it makes a lot of sense to promote your Instagram account in store. It can literally be as easy as putting the Instagram logo on your business cards and in your store window. That way, people know to look out for you on Instagram and they know that you have a presence there. Remember, people will never go out of their way to find you, you have to literally wave it in front of their face if they are to follow you and start liking your posts.

So there you have some very simple idea of how you can maximize your Instagram following and truly make the most of the social media platform. Good luck with your marketing strategy and I hope you gain loads of new Instagram followers.

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