Everything You Need To Know About Online Marketing

Online marketing has become one of the most important industries on the planet. The internet has opened up vast opportunities for businesses everywhere. The only tricky part is getting heard through all the noise! The main trick behind online marketing is making sure your voice is heard and your brand is seen.

If you’re used to traditional marketing techniques, like radio adverts and prints ads, you may be confused. Online marketing is a whole different world to the out-dated practices of old. But, rest assured, you can have a bigger impact, with less money, using digital marketing. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out more.

Your website is your central hub. It is the sun that all other aspects of your online presence revolve around. The design should be simple, powerful and in keeping with your brand. Use sharp, informative copy to tell people exactly what you do, and where to go next. Use stunning visual imagery to capture people’s attention too. Finally, create an irresistible call-to-action to point visitors in the right direction. Take a second to analyse how successful your website is, and make any relevant changes.

Social media matters. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al are here to say. They are not just a fad or a place for selfies and cat pictures! Instead, these platforms are amongst the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. You can build a loyal community and tap into a core demographic in your niche. You can find people based on likes, dislikes and location. Use social media to engage with your community and build a reputation.

SEO isn’t as confusing as it seems. At first glance, the world of search engine optimization looks impenetrable. At its most basic, SEO is a group of techniques designed to make sure your website appears on Google searches. When done correctly, Google will provide a heavy source of new visitors and traffic. There are lots of tactics involved here, from choosing the correct keywords, to gaining good links back to your site. When it comes to SEO, we often advise people to seek the help of an expert like Oliver Wood. Sometimes it helps to have someone put you on the right track.

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Although email is one of the oldest technologies in the internet world, it is still essential. Email marketing is one of the only ways that you can reach out directly to your customers. You can reach right into their inbox and give them advice, information or offers. Start collecting a list of emails using a sign-up sheet on your website. Then you can send timely email updates to your community.

Content is king. One of the toughest aspects of online marketing is proving yourself as an expert. Anyone can start a website, sell products or market themselves. But, how do you build a reputation as a leader in your field? The simple answer is through good content. Use articles, videos and infographics to show the world you know what you’re talking about! Use guest blogs to extend your reach and encourage the wide sharing of your work.

When you break the concept of online marketing down into smaller parts, it all makes sense. It’s a small web that will slowly grow your reputation, your audience and your profits. Let us know any tricks that have worked well for you!


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