Actual Worldwide E-commerce Statistics 2021

Exactly®, an expert in payment systems in e-commerce, examines the trends of the industry in 2021 and presents them clearly and straightforwardly so newbies to online sales can use them and adjust their strategies.

E-commerce Is Growing Bigger

It comes as no surprise that within more than a year of lockdowns and distancing measures with retails being shut down for months, the number of online purchases was skyrocketing

The encouraging trend is that people kept buying more online even when shops reopened. Those who used online shopping only occasionally have discovered how safe and comfortable it is, and they are reluctant to go back to traditional retail. The Exactly® experts expect the numbers to keep growing and exceed 2 billion online buyers by the end of 2021 even if shops stay open. It means a quarter of the world’s population will be buying online by the end of the year. 

Within only 5 years starting from 2015, the volume of e-commerce has more than doubled by the last year already. The figures were steadily growing every year, but in 2020, the trend accelerated.

Conversion Rates Are Falling Down

With customers getting more aware of how to shop online, new retailers emerge every day. With the increase of range of goods online, people spend more time searching, and the conversion rate decreases slightly. It means additional efforts are required to lure your customer to check out.

Online Shopping Is Prevalently a Mobile Shopping

For more than 4 years now, the number of mobile device users exceeds the number of those using desktops or laptops.  And online deals are made extensively with the use of mobile devices. It is crucial for e-shops to be mobile-friendly to sell well. 

Video Guides and Reviews Help to Get Client Attention

Today, sellers offer videos presenting their products from every angle.  To make reviews more trustworthy and give the possibility to connect to the client’s story, shops share their customers talking about the product, not just a few lines of text. Such giants as Shopify claim it almost tripled the conversion, and ASOS uses the video review trick a lot.

Know What Makes Your Buyer Abandon the Shopping Cart

What can be sadder than when a buyer fills the cart with products and never proceeds to checkout. It happens in almost 3 out of 4 cases. With further development of e-commerce, buyers get used to good and straightforward service, free shipments, no-risk guarantees from the seller. If the purchase and delivery process is not simple and convenient, the seller does not offer a free return policy, they abandon a cart and go shopping elsewhere. To make sure that the payment processing is clear and reliable is vital according to the Exactly® experts.

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