What To Expect From Trade Shows Post-Pandemic

Among the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, one which specifically affected businesses was an almost complete concession of trade shows. It was natural that they would disappear somewhat – they are held indoors, include large gatherings, and necessitate long journeys from other cities or even countries. They’re also very hard to hold online, as the nature of a trade show includes walking around the various stands, saying “hi” and reacting to stands you see.

For businesses hoping to come out of the pandemic with a renewed momentum, the possibility of a trade event is something to ponder. It’s natural to be a little nervy at the prospect right now, for business and personal reasons, but once we’re all back in the saddle, trade shows are likely to be well worth attending. Both for businesses that have relied on such shows in the past, and for those who have never been to one, the post-pandemic trade shows will be worth having a front-row seat.

Everyone will be out to impress

The first run of trade shows after everything is open again will be a little more … spirited than usual. As well as being staffed by people who have spent much of the last two years waiting for things to return to normal, they’ll also be thronged with businesses that are keen to make an impact after months of suspended animation. So there will be no shortage of enthusiasm on the event floor and undoubtedly plenty of interesting offers from businesses looking to slingshot themselves ahead of the competition, which could result in some beneficial deals for you.

There’ll be new faces at old shows

It’s a fact of life and business that in a pandemic, some businesses will end up shutting their doors. People will become unemployed, others will take the opportunity of the break in normality to pursue an idea. One way or another, there will be new businesses at any trade fair you attend, and they need to make themselves stand out. One of them might be you, so practice your sales pitches, learn more about fabric display banners, and research the other businesses at the event. You’ll want to come back from the show with a contact book bulging with new names and addresses.

There will be a strong “post-Covid” theme in evidence

Although the very point of bringing back trade shows is that it offers the opportunity to mingle, it’s fair to say that the early shows will be marked by a certain tentative vibe. Large gatherings of people are one very effective way to spread a virus, and of course it is going to be on people’s minds. Some people may continue to wear masks or keep their distance even on the show floor, and you can’t blame them for that. Also, many of the products and services on show will be influenced by the pandemic – software that benefits telecommuting, health-based apps and services, and so on. Whether you lean into that theming or try to stand out is up to you.

Getting back into the swing of things is going to be an odd experience for everyone. It’s also going to be an opportunity to do things in a new way, so explore your options and get ready to hit the comeback trail.

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