Social Media…Build A Strategy

Promoting your company, or even personal, brand via social networks can be a delicate situation. Some people like to link all of their sites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) together, while others choose to keep their social profiles completely separate. Developing a strategy…yes, a strategy…for social marketing and brand awareness (both personal and professional) will help you reach your goals. How to Build Your Personal Brand via Social Media states, “… social media gives you a chance to define and display your true voice all over the world.”

No matter your company size, or if it is your personal brand you are establishing, creating a strategy will allow you to determine what you want to accomplish using social media, it will help you create a targeted road map to accomplish your goals, and it will give your readers / customers a clearer picture of who you are.

One of the biggest keys to being successful through these strategies is to be consistent. Your message to your readers, customers, and followers must be consistent whether you are posting on a blog, posting a status update on Facebook or Twitter, or speaking to a group at a luncheon. Brand consistency is what consumers look for. Whether you keep your profiles very separate, or you choose to link all of them together, keep the message about your brand steady.

Using social network sites has become a game-changer in the world of marketing, according to Advertising Yourself: Building a Personal Brand through Social Networks. Whether you are marketing yourself or your company, using social networking sites is becoming a must because that is where your customers are now. Companies, business professionals, consumers…everyone is getting more and more involved in social network sites now. This is where the future is.

How many social media sites do you currently have public profiles on? Do you have them all linked, or separated? What are your reasons for this?

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