10 Pre-Moving Day Tips


Moving is no easy task. I should know. I’ve moved…oh at least 20 times in my lifetime (I’m only 33). The upside to moving so many times is that I’ve got moving down to a science. I know how to logistically organize a move to reduce as much confusion, stress, or missed items as possible. Here are a few pre-moving day tips to keep in mind:

  1. Supplies: As soon as you know you’re going to be moving start collecting boxes. Having too many is much better than not having enough. Collect them from work, from grocery stores, or sometimes people will sell moving boxes on Cragislist for a very low price. Make sure you have enough tape. You don’t want to just fold the flaps together. They won’t hold in the moving truck and your stuff could possibly be all over the truck when you arrive at your new house. You also want to make sure that you have several thick black markers on hand. You’ll need these to mark on the boxes.
  2. Notice: You’ll want to ensure that you turn in a 30 day notice to you current landlord. If you’re currently in a lease, then you’ll be breaking the lease. I recommend speaking with your landlord to see what your options are.
  3. Start Early: Start packing as early as possible. Unless your getting ready to move off to college with only a car full of stuff, you won’t want to wait until the last mint to start packing – and I mean even up to two weeks prior to moving. Hopefully you’ll have at least a month to get ready to move. Start with packing things that you really won’t need until you move, such as artwork, photo albums, nick nacks, China dinnerware, off-season clothing, etc.
  4. Downsize: Even if you’re moving into a larger place you’ll want to get rid of expired, broken, or unusable items. This will reduce clutter that takes up unnecessary space at your new home.
  5. Buying Items For Your New Home: This is my biggest problem! I just can’t help it! I just get so excited! You know where you’re going to move to and you have a list of things that you’ll need to purchase for your new home (i.e. artwork, rugs, curtains, furniture, etc.). Or maybe you’re in a store and just happen to see something that would be absolutely perfect for your new home…and it’s on clearance. DON’T BUY IT BEFORE YOU MOVE…unless of course the price is absolutely magical!! You know what I mean by ‘magical’…meaning you’ll never find that particular item for that cheap anywhere else, ever. Kind of like the 2 throw pillows I found today for only $5 each…I can’t make throw pillows for that price! But, if it isn’t the best price ever, then don’t buy it before you move. If you do, then you’ll just be hauling that stuff with you to your new house, taking up room, time, and energy to move. Also, you’ll risk damaging your new finds during the move.
  6. Utilities: If you’re moving in the same area, or an area that you current utility company service, then you can call the companies and schedule a transfer of your services. However, if the electric companies are different then you’ll need to schedule the day to have your current service turned off and schedule a day to have your new service connected. Be sure to ask when to expect your final bill and if there are charges to have your new service connected.
  7. Moving Truck: Before reserving a moving truck, if you need one, you should check out all possible companies to obtain the best rate for the day you need to move. Then, make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure the truck you need is available.
  8. Time Off Work: Make sure to request any time you need off work well in advance. Employers generally like to have as much advanced notice that their employee needs some time off.
  9. Schools: If you have children in school, then you’ll want to contact the new schools in advance to get the registration packet and find out what they will need for registration. They may even require you to bring transcripts from the previous school.
  10. Financial: You’ll want to ensure you have enough money for everything you need, plus some. There will always be little things that come up that you’ll need to find a few bucks for, like the donuts the morning that you move, and dinner for a couple of nights. As much as you want to, you won’t really feel like cooking for a few days. Start saving as early as possible.

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