Making Your Content More Google Friendly

One of the primary responsibilities of your business website is to help you attract new customers online. One of the best ways to do that is via search engine optimization, which is effectively the practice of making your website appear higher in search engine results pages for relevant queries. In this field, content is king. The blog posts you write, the service pages you have, and other content will play a key role in making sure that your pages and appearing high in Google. But how do you need to improve them?

Learn the importance of keywords

Keywords are the words and terms that your potential customers will be using in their search queries. It’s important for a business to be targeting the keywords that are most relevant to them and using them in a measured approach in their titles, subtitles, and the meat of the content. You want to be aware of keyword stuffing, which is when you either have too many keywords on a single page, or you use a keyword way too many times in that article. Otherwise, keyword research tools can help you find which terms you should try to target a little more if you’re not, already.

Be mindful of your structure

There are two good reasons to structure your content well: it makes the content more readable, which search engines merit pages for. It also makes the page easier to index, which helps search engines present your pages better. Site structure includes things like making a hierarchy, so pages have categories and sub-categories when necessary. Page structure is more about using the appropriate headings (with H1, H2, and H3 tags), as well as things like bullet points to break up long-form content into more readable formats.

Addressing what’s missing

One of the issues of not sharing the exact same perspective as your customers is that you might not always be aware of the information that you can provide, but you’re not currently providing. Rather than developing any kind of special insight, services like a content gap analysis can use data to find what kind of content you’re missing. As such, you can flesh out existing pages or even create new ones around subjects that are relevant to your business but aren’t yet covered.

Get sharing your posts

One of the strategies that will boost your content is having other websites link to it. Natural link building, such as having others share your content or link to your content through their own website, is the ultimate goal. However, propelling your content via social media can be invaluable, too. The more people visit your website through external links, such as via social media, the more this can also boost their placement on search engine results pages.

An SEO strategy is more than content alone, but most are going to agree it plays the most important role. With the tips above, you can sharpen your content to make sure that it’s doing the work to get you more visitors.

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