4 Tips For Planning A Great Road Trip

Road trips are the quintessential American experience.  Simply put, you haven’t lived if you don’t go on at least one road trip in your life.  Whether going for all out luxury or doing a budgeted thing, follow these four tips for planning a great road trip.

1. The Car

First, your car must be in tip-top shape.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for luxury or budget.  If your car isn’t in good condition before you leave, you’re going to run into problems.  Repairs will almost always include some kind of rim repair, and, if necessary, dent repair. 

For the ultimate in luxury, you can get something like a BMW backup camera installation or professional car detailing before you leave.  This way you can document your entire trip while traveling in class.  But, these are not necessary to have a good time.

2. Food

Depending on the distance of travel, food might become a serious consideration.  If you’re only going an hour and a half away, you shouldn’t have to take too much food with you.  But, in the event your trip will be longer than four hours, you want to bring along some snacks and a little water.

If you’re going to the opposite end of the country, then bring food, water and any other consumables with you.  Yes, there are restaurants, gas stations and quick marts along the way but that’s not always practical.  If you have specific dietary requirements, what you do find doesn’t always quite jive well. 

3. Sleeping: Resting Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements will depend on many factors.  If you’re traveling for more than four hours, you should rest at least halfway through for 15 to 30 minutes.  It refreshes your mind, allows you to take in local scenery and gets your eyes off the road.  Believe it or not, this is a necessary step in almost all road trips; even small ones.

Before you leave, study your path and take note of all rest stops, picnic areas and other places that allow travelers to rest.  This way you’ll know where all the good places are without too much confusion.

4. Have Fun

When you get in the car, leave your worries behind and, no matter what happens, intend to have fun.  Even if the car catches fire, accept anything that occurs as part of the adventure.

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