Wellness Startups That Consumers Are Begging For

The wellness industry is growing exponentially. Today, there are more sick, unhappy, anxious and miserable people than at any other time in history. And they are all looking for ways to spend their money to improve how they feel. After all, the only thing most people want is a lasting sense of happiness and peace. 

That’s where keen entrepreneurs can step in. If you can provide a service that even temporarily elevates somebody’s mood, they’ll keep coming back for more. And they will pay you for the privilege. 

So what wellness startups is the industry begging for right now? Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Massage Therapists

If you fancy working for yourself but don’t want to borrow a lot of money, becoming a massage therapist might be right up your street. 

Massage therapists can actually charge quite a high hourly rate. We’re talking about the same as a private tutor or accountant. And that means that it is a surprisingly lucrative profession. 

The purpose of massage therapists is to help people relieve tension and pain in their bodies. And you’d be surprised by just how much pain there is out there. Modern lifestyles mean that there’s a lot of work for people who understand how to untie muscle knots. And you’ll also get clients with chronic pain who need massage week after week. 

Wellness Industry Services

The wellness industry links to a bunch of ancillary services that help it function – just like any other. But given the rate of growth of the sector, many of these are quite immature. And that means that there are still many opportunities out there for entrepreneurs to develop tailored solutions. 

For instance, many wellness professionals need platforms to sell their courses and instruction videos. Entrepreneurs, therefore, can provide platforms to facilitate these transactions. 

The CBD industry also needs services that help with basic business functions, like getting paid. For instance, you could set up a cannabis collection agency to help firms get the money other businesses owe them. 

Chef Services

Consumers regularly complain that they don’t have time to cook and that’s why they wind up eating junk. So, today, there’s massive demand for chef-based services. Here, qualified cooks go to people’s homes, cook them meals, and then move onto the next client. It’s a strange business model, but there is a need for it out there, especially among people who work more than ten hours a day. 

Yoga Instructor

Don’t underestimate the power of yoga. Simply moving your body through a series of proven motions can transform your health and how you feel. 

Becoming a yoga instructor is a great idea because it is so scalable. You could potentially sell thousands of courses online, receiving money from each participant. You’re not just limited to your local catchment area. 

Being a yoga instructor also improves your quality of life. As a practitioner, you go through the motions with the rest of your class, helping you to become more flexible and mobile – an improvement over a regular office job. 

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