Packaging Is Holding Back Your Business, And Here’s Why

Product packaging impacts a business without you realizing it. As a consumer, you don’t think about how easily you are swayed into buying something via the packaging. Things happen in your brain that makes you turn your attention to one thing over another. Even the simplest detail can put one product ahead of another. So, as a business owner, you need to understand the impact packaging has on your company. Specifically, how is your current packaging system holding you back?

It’s not eco-friendly

If your current packaging materials aren’t eco-friendly, you will turn away many customers. Modern consumers want to buy things that can actually be recycled after use. At the very least, they prefer packaging materials that don’t contain much plastic. Switching to more eco-friendly packaging materials will go a long way to helping you find customers

It’s inconvenient

Inconvenient packaging has many faces, but the general rule is that it makes life difficult for the consumer. Typically, this relates to the food industry – or any other industry where packaging needs to be opened and resealed. If you click here, you’ll see that resealable packaging exists, and it’s very easy to create. An example of inconvenient packaging is something that opens and then won’t close back up. For food or perishable goods, this is so annoying as the contents will perish quickly. A very easy way to annoy consumers and make them choose different products is by having inconvenient packaging. 

It’s illogical

This kind of blends in with the point about inconvenience, but it’s slightly different. Here, the problem with the packaging isn’t just that it’s a bit inconvenient, but mainly that it makes no sense. For example, Apple is really good at creating logical packaging as the box for an iPhone is basically the same size as the device. For this to be illogical, they would package it in a huge box with so much empty space. Unfortunately, some businesses do this with their products, usually going for the mantra that bigger is better. Consumers hate this as it just makes zero sense and will create more waste for them to deal with. Keep your packaging as logical as possible – there’s no need to be extra!

It’s too bland

Yes, the style of your packaging will have such a fundamental effect on how consumers perceive it. Realistically, it has to be eye-catching while also reflecting your brand. If you have plain and unbranded packaging, nobody will notice it. This is why you have to spend a long time working with your creative team to develop branding that will look perfect across all your packaged products. In turn, it will catch people’s eyes and make them notice your products. Already, you’re one step closer to making a sale. 

In conclusion, your packaging is holding back your business because it’s guilty of at least one of these problems. The more problems your packaging is guilty of, the worse it will be! Addressing these issues and producing better packaging for your products is a step in the right direction. 

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