Is Your Small Business Being Taken for Granted?

As a small business with a lot to learn, there are many potential situations where you could be taken for granted. Perhaps some employees take advantage of your lack of experience, or maybe other B2B companies charge you large sums of money because they haven’t seen your company name before. There are times when influencers may also try to take advantage of small businesses, offering a lot of exposure for free products or trying to rope you into expensive sponsorship deals.

If you’re planning on launching a small business soon then it’s imperative that you establish yourself as a professional company that won’t be taken for granted. Here are some of the situations that you should look out for.

Influencers with small followings who are offering exposure for free stuff

One of the big things to look out for is when influencers with small followings try to make deals with you. Influencers are a fantastic marketing option, especially if their audience can make use of your products and services, but there are going to be plenty of smaller influencers who ask for too much. Giving out some free products to influencers and letting them review them is absolutely fine.

However, if there are some influencers who are asking for a lot more, then you need to be careful who you’re dealing with. It’s best to check on the content they produce and also look at their track record of working with other brands. If they don’t produce much content or tend to create a lot of negative content for the brands they work with, then it’s usually best to avoid them to sidestep the trouble it could bring.

Companies always take forever to pay you what they owe

Entering into a deal with another company is a great sign of growth. Perhaps you’ve been commissioned to supply a company with different kinds of products, or maybe you’ve been asked to provide IT services to a larger corporation. The problem here is when the company either takes forever to pay you or needs constant reminding before you see any of your money.

If you let these situations continue then other companies will get used to taking your business for granted. Stop this as soon as possible by working with a commercial collection agency to help you collect on their debts. You generally don’t want it to come to this if possible, so be professional and let them know that if they continue to be late with their payments, you’ll have no choice but to bring a professional service in to collect what they owe.

If you feel that your business is being taken for granted then it’s important to step in and stand up for your company. You should never let another business or person take advantage of your business. If you feel that you’re always getting the short end of a deal, then you don’t have to sit down and take it. Let others know that you mean business and that you won’t let them abuse your kindness or lack of experience.

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