Getting Back To Your Brick And Mortar Store

The past year has seen countless changes make their way into our day to day lives. Just twelve months ago, few of us had even heard of coronavirus or Covid-19. Now, these are words that dominate our lives. In an attempt to slow the spread and reduce the consequences of this potentially deadly virus on people’s lives and wellbeing, many of us have spent much of the past year in our own homes. We have been advised to work from home. We are teaching our kids from home. We’ve only really been leaving the house to be able to collect food and medicine. If you run a brick and mortar business, chances are, you have had to shut it in order to comply with government rules and guidelines too. This major change may have caused all sorts of financial difficulties in your life. But the good news? Vaccines are being rolled out around the world and we’re fast approaching a return to normal day to day life. It shouldn’t be all too long until you can open your store up again. But what steps will you need to take to do this safely and successfully? Here are some steps to take to get things on track for success!

General Maintenance

Chances are your store will need some general maintenance carried out on your return. After all, it will have been largely uninhabited for a year. Conduct general checks – smoke detectors, alarm systems, etc. Ensure that your insulation is up to date by using a spray foam insulation company. Carry out a deep clean in all areas. Have any damage to the space repaired. These simple steps will help to make sure your store is clean and safe for people to enter.

Implement Plastic Barriers

Another Covid safe measure that you’re going to have to take is adding plastic barriers to any spaces where people may need to get in relatively close contact with staff. A good example is at the till, where your staff will need to take payments for items, face to face with customers. These barriers still allow for this exchange and process to happen, but will protect both staff and customers, making everyone feel safer and more comfortable. It can significantly reduce the spread and transfer of germs between one person and another. Make sure that these barriers or screens are cleaned on a regular basis.

Provide Hand Sanitiser

Sure, the vaccine may be being rolled out. But it doesn’t completely eliminate the virus. So, make sure that you still provide your staff and customers with plenty of chances to use hand sanitiser. Dispensers should be placed in key locations around your store.

Use Social Distancing Stickers

Floor social distancing stickers can also come in useful in regards to managing space between people in your store. They’re cheap to buy. Just make sure they are two metres apart from each other on the floor.

These suggestions really can make all the difference when it comes to returning to your store and getting your business back on track. So, why not implement them into your routine? It’s more than worth the effort and investment.

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