The Simple Tool To Help Real Estate Agents Access Better Leads

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The real estate business is often competitive and fast-paced. Most real estate agents only make money off of commission when they successfully help a client buy or sell their home.

However, there is more to being a successful real estate agent than just buying and selling homes. Real estate agents also need to research and outreach to potential clients. 

How to access clients and keep them

It is important if you are a real estate agent to understand that you will spend more than a little time seeking new clients. In fact, seeking new clients will be a never ending process for you as an agent (unless you are smart enough to gain such a high reputation that everyone turns to you instead of the competing agents in your area). 

Chances are that won’t be the case. Your competition will probably be just as kind and as knowledgeable as you are to their clients. 

However, there is a trick that most agents don’t know about that will help you access new clients and this tip can also increase your chances of keeping them. 

You CAN gain an excellent reputation as an agent, but you need to be professional and personable the moment any potential client communicates with you for the first time. 

One BIG mistake new and seasoned real estate professionals make is not doing their research when making outbound sales calls. Because of this mistake, they will reach out to potential clients not knowing much about them and end up losing the sale that they could have had. 

Let’s face it, real estate agents have to be personable and know everything there is to  know about a property to gain the interest of a potential client and win them over other competition. 

Having as much information as possible makes it easier to get in touch with them. It also helps an agent make easy conversation.

How to lookup an address to find owner information

Thanks to technology, there are tools that can assist any real estate professional in locating owner information on a physical address. 

The easiest way to find this important information is by owner information of the property to see the owner information of the property in question so that when you contact the property owner you know important information about them such as their name, age, phone number, if they are married, etc. 

Performing a reverse address lookup also makes it easier for a real estate professional to get in touch with a potential client instead of knocking on doors, they can call the client if their phone number is available through a reverse address lookup. 

Available information  

People search websites such as Wyty will provide information such as the owner’s full name, phone numbers, email address, age, date of birth, social profiles and even related people. 

Again, this information is important because real estates professionals can use it to access contact information as well as allow them to understand more about the person they are speaking to. 

Basically, knowing important details makes cold calls less cold and more personable. The simple trick of understanding your client and gathering important information about them will give you a better chance of winning them over. 

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