Business Advertising: Why Radio Isn’t Dead

When a marketing method isn’t new or shiny, there’s a tendency to say it’s broken. Take radio as an example. It isn’t as effective as it was in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, but it’s still useful. However, there has been a decline in its efficacy, so it’s easy to announce it is dead and a new king is on the throne.

You might believe this and prefer to invest in the latest marketing methods, yet you shouldn’t. In reality, radio is still one of the most powerful advertising mediums in the United States and the world. Here’s why.

Its Reach

Did you know that there are more than 15,000 radio stations in the United States of America? And, as a whole, the industry has a weekly reach of around 90% among adults? Not many people do, but these are facts you can find on The reality is, whether it appears this way or not, that radio hasn’t fallen as far down the pecking order as it appears. As these numbers highlight, it still has a national and international reach, making it a perfect partner for local businesses that want to raise brand awareness.

Its Effectiveness

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand, and it relates to how much a business spends on advertising per one thousand leads it generates. You are forgiven that believing social media platforms have greater CPMs stats than radio channels, yet the truth is that SiriusXM is the most cost-effective media to reach a broad audience. According to, SiriusXM is much more efficient compared to traditional and online media at lowering a company’s CPM. As a result, using radio advertising to reach listeners is not only useful for getting the word out, but it’s also an inexpensive marketing form.

Its Ability To Adapt

Adaptation is a feature most people say is a modern trait. Since contemporary devices and platforms are intelligent, such as websites, they can evolve to prevent themselves from extinction. Radio can do the same, as showcased by its move to digital streaming channels. Part of the reason 90% of adults listen to the radio is due to the industry’s accessibility. Whether you like to do it old-school, switch on the TV, or stream it via your smartphone, there’s an option. This is essential for businesses for outreach purposes, but it’s nice to know that your investment won’t be a waste. When things change, radio finds a way to compete.

It’s Creative

Radio channels let your company tell a story. The fact that you can’t rely on visuals means you must use your voice and a catchy jingle to grab people’s attention. As a result, radio ads are much more innovative and original than television and social media adverts. 51% of people consider buying products and services during radio shows and segments, according to, which shows how a dash of creativity helps businesses stand out from the crowd.

If you think radio isn’t dead, it’s time to resurrect it for the sake of your marketing strategy?

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