Why Street Food Could Be A Money Maker

If you are looking for a new business venture to plow your funds into, think about setting up a street food enterprise. If you love nothing more than cooking up a feast in the kitchen, you know your escargot from your escalope, and you have a penchant for rustic dining, a street food business could be for you. Street food events have surged in popularity recently, as people have begun to shun fine dining in search of something more authentic. If you can cook food from your heritage and you want to expose the masses to your flavor combinations, then check out this guide to help you make a success of your street food venture.


Before you even consider your menu, you need to fulfill all the legislation requirements needed to turn up a trade legally. You will need public liability and personal indemnity insurance. Get in touch with your local government department and ensure that you have an environmental health visit booked in. This is a tick box exercise to ensure that you cook and prepare food hygienically and safely. 

The Food

Cook from the heart and cook what you know. Food has to be a passion of yours to make your street food business a success. Start small and price up some sample dishes. You want to be making at least sixty per cent on every meal that you make. By all means, go for expensive ingredients because quality is important, but be aware that you will have to past this cost onto your diner. If you are cooking up Greek mezze or dirty burgers like the ones at https://www.esquire.com/uk/food-drink/reviews/, head to a street food event as a visitor and check out the competition. Work out where your food will fit in terms of price and find a way to offer up something new, whether this is a sauce, a drink or a way of eating.


A key facet of any business is the marketing. Make sure that you know the message that your brand wants to portray. If you are rustling up some Caribbean flavors, make sure your logo is bold, bright, and colorful, reminiscent of the West Indies. If you are opting for the on-trend vegan cuisine, a touch of green doesn’t go amiss. You need to appeal to your clientele. Any logo or brand name that you choose should be echoed throughout your gazebo or mobile catering unit. 

You might want to opt for a funky horsebox that has been converted into a catering outlet. These compact kooky units are perfect to roll up into street food events, trade, and then head home. Or you could obtain a full-blown catering vehicle. Head to https://gpi.net/product-category/pumps/stationary-fuel-pumps-ac-voltage/ and you could find the ideal fuel pump to help you fill up from your home before heading to an event.

Mirror your physical branding online. Social media channels can detail the events that you will be turning up at to trade. Show off your dishes, apply some nifty Instagram filters, and encourage people to follow and share your posts for a discount.

By following this guide, you can become the master of a money-making foodie empire.

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