How To Make Your Employees Really Feel Like Family

You will often hear companies say that they are a family, and this is obviously something that a lot of organizations are aiming for with good reason. But how often is it true? If you look around in your current business and ask yourself: is this really a family? What comes to mind? Could it be that you could be treating your employees differently or otherwise doing things differently in such a way that you could feel more like a family? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your employees really feel this way at work.

Encourage Team Building

In a sense, all you really need to do is to try and encourage a range of team building activities, in such a way that everyone has to work together to solve a problem. Not only will they then bring that mindset and ability to the workplace itself, but it will effectively bring everyone together and they will work as a much tighter unit in no time. This also helps to improve how people relate to each other, and you are going to find that your team is much more of a team after you start doing this.

Do Family Things

You will often find yourself wondering whether you should be doing anything social with your employees. Well, you should, but in particular you might want to start doing activities which are the kinds of things families would do. For instance, this coming Thanksgiving, why not host a dinner at yours near to the day (but not the day itself, leave that for real families), for the people in your team? You could even provide them with ham and turkey gifts and make it something they will never forget. You’ll be amazed at how much this kind of thing can help.

Create An Open Door Policy

If there is any sense of hiding, or that you don’t really want to hear from your employees about their opinions and so on, then you will often find that this leads to a feeling of resentment, and that it works against the development of any familial feeling you might be trying to create. Instead, work to have an open door policy, where everyone is genuinely welcome to offer their ideas and opinions, and not to mention their troubles, to anyone else in the organization. You’ll find that this really helps to level the playing field, and ensures that everyone feels like equals.


Having regular one-on-ones with each and every person in your team might seem like a huge use of your time, but it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for everyone. If these happen every week or at least every two weeks, you will find that your employees really start to feel as though they are respected and that you care. And above all, everyone will feel like a real family unit.

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